Never buy Ambrane products

Never buy Ambrane products

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Hi dimners,

I have bought one ambrane powerbank 8000mah in july end. In last 2 months I have used this product only 10-15 times. Now one day,last week while putting it on charge, i realized that it is not charging and the connector has become loose. I promptly called the customer care to report it. I found that they only have only one service centre in whole india that too in north Delhi and they have changed their policy of providing pick and drop facility in delhi NCR. Anyways, despite that fact, on saturday morning i thought of giving it in service centre.

I reached the centre at 11 am and one guy took it from me and in an instant he came back that the connector has been broken by me and its a physical damage. I was filled witrh shoick and anger by hearing this as when i have given the power bank into his hand the connector was in place slightly loose though but now it was gone inside. I told him this and he said it was broken before itself as i have not opened it yet and as i inserted the wire its completely broken off. I told him boss, you broke it its fine but even iof it was in place you are saying I damaged it. He completely denied to look into it. Then after seeing this kind off attitude, i asked the person that i want to talk to there senior, and to surprise, this guy bluntly said that we are the top most authority and nobody is there above us. I asked him that the company is not yours there has to be somebody above you, he said go to website and check, i don’t have any contact person.

I came out and saw one more gate of the ambrane, i went there ask the receptionist that i am facing problems from the service centre and i want to talk to some senior guy, after waiting for 2 hours, one lady came out to talk about it and said that we will look into it and repair as soon as possible. I said ok, after waiting for one more hour, another person came out saying that as the connector is broken, Is it ok if he solder a permanent usb cable to charge the powerbank, to which i hesitated and told him to change the circuit instead to which he said the circuit does not loose. so i told him to replace the powerbank itself, to that he said he caanot do it and only director of the company approve for the same and nobody is here being a Saturday. the only solution is the usb cable way. I had no other option now, the lady to whom i talked was also not available now. I asked him some senior official contact to talk about it, to which he gave me email [email protected] saying all the senior official monitor this email id. After wasting 5 hours and 5 hours on road i come back to my home. when i put the powerbank to charging it was blinking as if it is charging, but when till morning the same led light kept blinking, i understood that powerbank has not been charging with the current setup.

I mailed on this email id today regarding the problem, and look in next post what they have replied.


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Dear Customer,
That was almost broken on that time. So it was a physical damage already.

And after physical damage they had tried to solve this but you know every time after physical damage nobody can take warranty even we have done it free of cost.

On Mon, Oct 7, 2013 at 4:36 PM, vicks wrote:

This is really not acceptable as how can a lose connector be physical damage and when I have given it in the hands of service center person it was in place, only after him pushing it down it broke. Also, why is not charging even after it has been repaired, it’s clearly not my fault.

On Mon, Oct 7, 2013 at 4:02 PM, ambrane india <[email protected]> wrote:

Dear Customer,
Sorry for the inconvenience.

We have checked the whole case what was done on that day. In this case we found that connector was not on its proper place due to pushed hard by you. And it gets damaged.

We want to tell you that not any company giving you the warranty after physically damage. But after talking with you our seniors asked our team to make it usable. But for changing the PCB it is definitely chargeable But after your denying to pay the charges we did this at free of cost. We know your time has cost but we also did it free for you.

If you want to replace the PCB then it would be chargeable we can provide service to you free of cost but the cost of replace of damaged part will count to you.

On Mon, Oct 7, 2013 at 2:53 PM, vicks wrote:


This is toi bring to you notivce that i have purchased an ambrane power bank p801 on 23rd july from snapderal for which i have visited your service centre on 5th october 2013.

The problem was that the connector of the powerbank was loose and stopped charging itself. When the service centre team tried to insert the charging cable into the connector, it broke completly and I was told that this is a damage which i have done. To which I asked the persom that how can I be blamed for the thing when it has been broken in hands of the service center person.

After much hassle and a wait of 2 hours Mr chanchal let me talk to one senior lady whose name I dont’ know and she agreed to get it repaired. After checking the product, Mr chanchal told me that as the connector has come off, we can attach a permanent wire to the powerbank to charge it. to whihc i hesitated and request them to change the circuit board to whihc i was told that as PCB does not come seperate, we cannot change it. I requested them to replace the product in that case to which I was told that we cannot replace the powerbank and this is the only way out.

I was not having any other option as I was told that the lady to whom I talked earlier was not available and no director is present in the office to whom I can talk as well the replacement requires an approval. Instead , I was provided the email id to which I am writing to escalate my problem stating that every director can see this email.

Now,the light on the power bank is blinking as if it is charging but the problem is only one light is blinking from last 8 hours and not moving to the second light. It is not charging in reality. only loight is blinking.

I have wasted my full day to get a product repaired where the originality of the product is lost and i have been given a product with some JUGAAD done to it which is not even charging.

It is highly disappointing that i have trusted a company for a product and the first product itself is faulty and the kind of service which has been provided is also of low standard. If the PCB cannot be changed in first place, the prodiuct should have been replaced instead of permanently soldering a usb cable to it. I want to ask you a qwuestion that how would you feel if the charging connector of your mobile ios faulty and the service centre attached a permanenwet usb cable to it for charging. would you be happy shopwing it off in public or roam in public wrapping it around the phone.

Also, I would like to mentioned that when i bought the powerbank, I confirmed from service centre that pick and drop and facilty can be availed if the priduct becomes faulty, now all of a sudden there is a change in policy.

I am writing his mail to share my pain as i cannot run around the servie centre everyday for this. Request you to look into the matter and provide me with a feasible solution to my problem.

Waitiing for a positive reply from your side



Thanks And Regards

Ambrane India

Thanks And Regards

Ambrane India

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1.Snapdeal sells mostly fake or defective items

pls open package check everything atleast 3 times if possible with 2-3 different people and return immidiately if you delay no one will listen to you
or talk to the seller to rectify his error

I have bought 5 polarized sunglasses none of them were polarized
I have dought 10 Lee products all were fake
I have bought flipflop price on site was double than the mrp.

Snapdeal is the site for sellers only they benefit.

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im using ambrane powerbank 10000mah from past 3 probs yet.
bought from snapdeal only..:cool:

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Dear customer

We are very sorry to say that during repairing it was found that your
product USB jack track was damaged.It cannot be repaired.We need to
change the PCB so you have to bear the charges of new PCB RS 508.
If you are ready to repair kindly let us know

After talking a lot They are charging 500+ rs to repair WTF
better to go for Xiaom powerbank which you can get @ 550 rs rather than this worst product


Thankfully my Ambrane powerbank is working satisfactorily from past more than an year. I know you can expect much from these small run-of-the-mill companies when it comes to warranty.

@thrifty_indian wrote:

Thankfully my Ambrane powerbank is working satisfactorily from past more than an year. I know you can expect much from these small run-of-the-mill companies when it comes to warranty.

Even i have 4-5 Ambrane Power Banks…One powerbank is more than two years old… All of them are working fine… offcourse you have to take care of the Pin.