Nokia N8 - Help required

Nokia N8 - Help required

Deal Lieutenant

Hi Dimers,

I was using one Nokia N8 three years back. It is a silver colour phone.

Once it fell down and had scratches in backside and looked ugly. So i got the black panel changed with the help of one of my friend. He is a mobile technician.

After somedays the side bottons and top button came off (sim and memory card closing cover and the one covering the power button).
My friend has not fixed it correctly it seems.

Now I want to change the panel and the buttons. I dont want to give him the phone again for repairing. he will again do some wrong in it.

I tried in my city (Chennai). But no one is ready to change the panel of Nokia N8. I even called up Microsoft care, but they also told it is not possible. Can anyone assist me in this regard??

Note : Some may ask why still iam keeping this phone.
It is the 1st phone i bought from my salary (Kind of sentiment) and also the phone features good camera and 16 gb inbuilt memory in it.