Paytm postpaid fraud part 2

Paytm postpaid fraud part 2

Deal Cadet

First part was adding my refund to postpaid limit and making me use my money as postpaid limit.
Part 2 is that, after all postpaid accounts were out of hold status my extra limit amount 187 which was a refund for my order is now removed. now where will i get my extra limit. is it not a fraud by paytm? last time in part 1, some of you said it is basic step by credit cards. How about this issue now?

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Deal Cadet

this is very unprofessional practice by Paytm
you can try connecting with paytm on twitter,and do not forget to tag ceo. Request call back from twitter team.

Earlier Paytm postpaid was fully offered by paytm itself. But after RBI notice they changed the lender to third party…so now third party handles the postpaid.
You should ask paytm to refund the extra balance to bank account/wallet only. Send the postpaid statement and explain them calmly everything.