Please Suggest Cheap and best Forex card (Euro)

Please Suggest Cheap and best Forex card (Euro)

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Hi Friends,

Can you please suggest best forex card (Euro) with cheap and best rate.

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U can get best rate in any card, depending on the agent you are buying it from for example in Mumbai you can buy from bookmyforex or doorstep forex, they will isssue axis or ICICI cards with best rates, however if you approch the banks they will charge almost 10% for issuing the same amount on same cards, hence find a good agent in your area, take multiple quotations

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Check bookmyforex, apart from offering the best rate they have added benefits too such as 3 free ATM withdrawals etc.

Do remember one thing. You get a better buy price in the form of currency loaded in forex card than Fiat currency. Example, they might charge you Rs. 81 per euro if you take euros as cash but only Rs. 79.5 or Rs. 80 if you take euros on forex card so take minimum needed currency as cash and rest all on forex card.

At the same time, for redeeming the money left on forex card, you get better sell rate for Fiat currency than forex card. Example, they might offer Rs 79 per euro for cash when you sell the currency left over but only around Rs. 78 for currency left over in forex card. So, just withdraw all the remaining amount in forex card in any of the airport ATM before you return back to India and return it back to them in form of cash to get the best value.