SCAM CALL ALERT: Selling FAKE vivo phone at 90%...

SCAM CALL ALERT: Selling FAKE vivo phone at 90% discount by saying lucky winner.

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Deal Subedar

Recently came across a youtube video (tamil) in which a person from Banglore calls and says that you are being selected as lucky person based on lucky draw and we award you a brand new vivo mobile with free silver coin both worth for 15000+ .. but you need to pay 1.5k alone.. evn as COD is ok for them..
The ordered person got Vivo lookalike mobile worth just about 500 rs and a iron metal with silver coated as silver coin.

So be aware and make your parents alert regarding this issue (bcoz their main target is old people and illiterate people).. but sad truth is even many literates fall in this trap.
also the other calls are which states as ATM CARD RENEWAL by bank manager.. (COMMONLY FACING SCAM CALL).. dont give any card number ac number pin etc to unknown even said them as bank manager.

Dont believe these calls and alert your known friends.