Smartbuy flight vouchers - How to not let them ...

Smartbuy flight vouchers - How to not let them go for a toss

Deal Subedar

Many of us like me have been wondering if the 1500 Rs. smartbuy voucher would go for a toss, I saved the voucher till end of March but now the situation is such that neither can we gauge when we can fly or book a flight before 31st to use the voucher.

below are some options with descending flexibility:

1. book an air asia flight for travel till 31st May. They will give you a credit shell which lasts for a year
2. book an indigo flight for travel till 30 April. They are willing to give you a credit shell which is valid till 30 Sep

I have tried yesterday with Indigo and I was able to successfully convert the entire flight amount into credit shell. You can choose depending on the sector you would be willing to fly

Above solution is of course assuming it will be safe to travel in due course of time say 4-6 months, obviously you should worry about your health first before this voucher. “Jaan hai to jahan hai”
I like to be optimistic hence the post

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