Suggestion needed on MOTOROLA BUMPER OFFER alre...

Suggestion needed on MOTOROLA BUMPER OFFER already availed -- MOTO Z2 PLAY

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Hey Guys,

I have Moto z2 play the so called premium phone which I have purchased in a sale a year ago,

It is in mint condition and I have no complaints except if there is a 15% battery in the late-night then it will die by next day morning,

I also have noticed that my phone has good value in second hand buying sites like CEX ( other suggestions welcome),

So, my problem is I am in a dilemma whether to upgrade my phone with Nokia 6.1 plus or not as it has a 6gb RAM at an affordable price or any other big phones with huge configuration at an affordable price as of now Nokia 6.1 plus is in my mind ( suggestions most welcome)

I feel like in the future this 4gb may not be enough or my phone’s resale value may go down and also 6gb ram at an affordable price is attracting me as well.

I use the phone a lot but I never use it for games at all,
I expect good battery and quick charging and not a camera freak,
I expect premium looks – So, never interested in xiaomi or realme or their sisters and brothers for sure,
I CANT pay a lot – 30k phone bought for below 10k in last year BBD sale.

When I look at the (offers on Nokia 6.1 plus) I tempted a lot but when I look at my phone there is nothing to complain and I also think that I cant get this premium phone again for an affordable price

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There is no such thing as resale value for a mobile phone. There will always be a better phone available for purchase than one that is available now. If you need to upgrade / don’t want to use the phone any longer then just upgrade. If the current phone suffices your needs then hold on to it till you need to upgrade.