Term insurance with a critical illness rider ||...

Term insurance with a critical illness rider || Standalone critical illness rider

Deal Cadet

Hi Guys,

I am planning to go for a term insurance in which i can add a critical illness rider. Sum assured in case of critical illness is 20 Lakhs and it increases the annual premium by Rs. 4500 and it covers only 4 diseases (cancer, stroke, cabg, first heart attack).

If i go for standalone critical illness policy of sum assured 10 Lakhs, I will get around 20 diseases covered with annual premium of 7k but the premium will increase after each renewal (lets say after 5 years)

I am too confused. Should I go for term insurance with critical illness rider OR standalone critical illness policy. Some people say that its not a good idea to mix riders with term plan. Some say the opposite. Anybody who faced this dilemma before?