The Credibility of sites like Milaap and Ketto ??

The Credibility of sites like Milaap and Ketto ??

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We see lots of campaigns running on these crowdfunding platforms these days. Thanks to the technology that we are able to help those people who are actually in need of money to get treatment. I read mixed reviews of these platforms. Some say they create fake campaigns and some support these platforms.

Any dimer has the first-hand experience with these platforms?
do they really run fake campaigns?
Is there any way to verify these campaigns are genuine or not?

To verify everything it needs time, now giving time to verify some random campaigns completely worthless and defeat the purpose of having these platforms which get a commission on our donation. Why should we through this online website not by going to directly to a hospital and buy medicines for poor patients if we really want to invest time in it? The sole purpose of these sites to verify the campaigns and only allow genuine campaigns and start raising fund online which will reach to vast number of donors in no time to get the desired amount for treatment. Don’t know if they allow any unverified campaign to list on their site to raise fund just by taking their commission and fees.

Where do these funds go? to hospital account or campaign initiator account?

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No first hand experience but I believe those positive reviews could be fake ones..paid reviews in other words.
They ad too much like commercial ad..surprising.

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Someone who knows how they operate might take advantage by creating fake profile. It’s always better to verify and then pay.

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75% of donations are there administration expenses
25% are spent on needy
they use call centre to collect money were uncle aunty of 60 year introduces them self as student volunteers
they all are fake

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These are the times where the charity is also sugarcoated with the essence of corporate tinge.
My personal experience with Milaap was that, I raised 1.8 lakh for medical purpose. Every contribution is kept transparent (reason why people fall for sites like these) and subsequent to certain point, Milaap will encourage you to contribute more to cause by making their own contribution at the rate of 14% of each contribution raised.

And at the end the real drama starts.

1) Milaap is not a charitable trust, so the exemption under Income tax act does not arise. (section 80G).

2) 18% GST is applicable and deducted from the total funding raised.

3) 5% Handling charges or platform charges. ( For making attractive website, emailing the person who takes initiative only at the start and for paying tech support who take care of search engine modifications)

4) The people from Milaap stop responding. Their mobile numbers are either not reachable or will be forwarded to another number which will not be answered).

5) The terms and conditions mail will be sent by some another person of Milaap.

6) Rs.1 will be transferred twice or thrice and will use as a pretext that they are trying to transfer but the Bank servers are slow/imps problem/upi problem/ NEFT problem/ beneficiary problem.

7) Finally they ask for swift code of the benifiiciary’s bank account. If the benifiiciary is an account holder in a rural place or taluk place, no swift code, no transfer. And in order to change account number another 3 days and 30 stupid procedures.

8) Second Finally again they stop responding.

9) When you go through their terms and conditions, you come to know that the total deductions will be to the tune of 26.6%.

18% GST
5 % Milaap charges
3.6% payment gateway charges.

In my case for instance;

1.8 lakhs were raised by forwarding the Milaap link containing my cause to the people whom I know where I had fixed a tragedy to raise 2 lakhs in 7 days. The process was chain reaction and when we achieved 1 lakh, Milaap sends an email and says that they will contribute 14% from their side to the each contribution made, so we get additional Josh to accumulate more money. The contributions from Milaap are in dollies, bloody I get more Josh looking at USD, I thank trumph and other fellow foreigners, I feel that the humanity does still exist, I feel exhuburent and I start promoting Milaap without know the end reality.

Finally when 1.8 lakhs target was acheived, Milaap contributed 11.2 thousands.

The person who needs the money to pay at hospital is also happy. But bechara he holds an account in rural branch, no swift code. Reads the deductions.

Now when I am writing this, it is more than 7days since last major contribution. Till date I have not received any amount other than 3 Rupees.

Total deduction will be 26.6% of 1.92 lakhs. Which will be Rs.51,072/-.

I do not want to write any further about this.

Please, have savings in life, have an insurance policy, be nice to people they themselves will help you in such cases. And please, see to that you help people who are around you and make charity in person. And please share this with others, because when you are really in-need the money accumulated will not reach your hands.

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Help whom you know personally, if required in medical emergency, however these platforms cannot be trusted, any one can open one, come up with a sad story, like reality shows on tv
And if someone requires half a crore of rupees to get treated, of which the result is uncertain, itz logical to let that person go and be reborn in a healthy new body