[Tips] Python resources to practice coding

[Tips] Python resources to practice coding

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I have just completed my Python course online (almost!) and coincidentally I have seen a udemy deal for “Automate the boring stuff with python” posted by @ItsBetter. Was curious to know if there are any good resources to practice Python programming. Well, you know, practice makes one perfect!

Coincidentally I found a few good resources that I am copy pasting about below. Hope it helps the curious souls.

Again, do note, this has been shared from somewhere else. I am not the author of the content below.

Ever wondered where you can practice programming before trying Problem Sets or challenging the midterm and final exams? Here I present a small list of


Coding Bat – Very simple exercises, specially if you’re starting out programming.

Project Euler – This is a math oriented site, you can use any programming language to solve the puzzles, and any method as long as you reach the answer.

CodeForces – This is a pretty cool site, and it’s sponsored by Telegram. They offer many problem sets, contests, rating system and groups. Might create one for this course.

Exercism – This is another cool site, offers over 48 languages besides Python to practice, each language has it’s own track. They also offer mentors.

Coding Games – This is a site directed towards Game Development. If you’re interested in game development on Python, C# or any flavour of the year programming language be sure to check this site. Even if you’re not into game dev, the site still offers numerous practice exercises.

Code Chef- Code Chef is a pretty neat site. Offers various practice exercises and programming contests.

Sphere Online Judge – Pretty similar to previous site, they have ranking systems, many exercises and contests.

TechGIG – TechGiG is the largest Indian tech community (don’t worry everything is in English), they offer many practice exercises, interview questions (if you want to practice for an interview), webinars and contests.

Intermediate- Advanced (these do require knowledge on functions, lists, dictionaries, data structures and algorithms):

CodeWars – OK, so hands down CodeWars is the coolest site on the list, exercises are truly hard and challenging. Challenges are called Kata and you gain kyu each time you solve a challenge. Terminology is based on a Japanese Martial Arts technique (Kata and kyu).

Hacker Rank – Now I have a love-hate relationship with HR. Hacker Rank tends to write easy problems in a very complex way, often using math and scientific notation. Problems are very challenging. They offer a lot of tutorials besides the good exercises.

LeetCode – Leet Code is a pretty challenging site, probably as challenging as CodeWars. They offer many problems asked by companies such as Google, Amazon, Facebook and Microsoft on their site. It’s one of my top 3 fav sites to practice.

LintCode – Pretty similar to LeetCode. Offers many interview problems from top programming companies. Not a place for beginners as questions tent to be very algorithmic oriented.

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