Travel Insurance - do they really work?

Travel Insurance - do they really work?

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Do Travel Insurance really work? All travel booking sites let you purchase a travel insurance by just clicking a checkbox during the booking process. However I was shocked to know that seemingly prevalent risks like cancellation of a flight by the Airline is not covered by the insurance.

While booking an air ticket in TruJet, I had opted to purchase travel insurance from Apollo Munich as recommended by MakeMyTrip. However on enquiring about how to make a claim in case the flight was cancelled by the Airline, I was shocked to know that trip cancellation by the Airline is not covered by the insurance.

The Airline I booked with, TruJet was known for unscheduled cancellation and i wanted to protect myself against such and that is the main reason why I purchased the insurance. These exclusions were not clearly displayed at the time of purchase and I feel cheated. I know, I’m supposed to read the T&C before adding insurance, but when the clock is ticking within which I need to book the tickets and a simple check box needs to be ticked to add insurance, I went ahead.

I believe MMT and other travel sites should start being responsible by at least displaying a short description of what’s included and what’s not before letting users add insurance to their trip. Especially the exclusions – like cancellations by airline are not covered. Else, it’s highly misleading.

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