Trick to use cloudflare warp on PC

Trick to use cloudflare warp on PC

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Cloudflare warp is the best way to unblock websites on PC with no to minimum effect on download speed.
Below is the way to make it work in PC. (Official app is available on mobile,for android and ios)

1. Install WireGuard from here – 2. Copy the contents of this python script- 3. Open this online python compiler- 4. Paste the script and run it. Agree to Cloudflare’s t&c by pressing Y. 5. Open WireGuard and press cntrl+N 6. Paste Public and Private key on the python compiler accordingly when asked. ( sorry for calling it compiler :p ) When the script will complete it will generate a file named wgcf-profile.conf (visible on sidebar) copy the contents of it and paste it in the textbox of empty tunnel config.(first,clear the texts which were previously present) Name the tunnel something according to your choice. 7. done

Check your connection by going here- https://1.0.0....lp

PS:- If your ISP is a jerk and uses as internal IP be sure to replace with in config text.