umbilical cord नाळ just gimmick or life saver

umbilical cord नाळ just gimmick or life saver

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Umbilical cord blood banking

Historically, umbilical cord blood had no identified value and was disposed of with the placenta. Umbilical cord blood is now known to contain hematopoietic stem cells that have potential life-saving benefit.

The blood left over in the umbilical cord and placenta after a baby is born has special cells in it that can treat and even cure some serious diseases. The blood can be collected and stored — and that’s what many private cord blood banking companies encourage parents to do (First charge 20K , then 600 pm in india Mumbai), in case their child (or someone else in the family blood relatives father mother grand father grand mother) develops one of those diseases in the future.

These cells can turn into any kind of blood cell and can be used for transplants that can cure diseases such as blood disorders, immune deficiencies, metabolic diseases, and some kinds of cancers

Cord blood can be used as an alternative source for bone marrow transplantation and its use is developing into a new field of treatment for pediatric and adult patients presenting with hematological disorders, immunological defects and specific genetic diseases.

Research is revealing more and more ways it can save lives. It is precious — almost magical — and absolutely worth keeping. Doing so is completely safe for the baby, and doesn’t affect labor or delivery.

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Deal Cadet

Tell me if there is any company in India that stores these cords and are listed in stock markets. Would like to explore investing in them.

Deal Subedar

If 50k – 1 lac rs. Is nothing for u, u should go for cord storage.

Practically currently it’s proven use is for limited diseases & majority of them are rare disease. It’s at very nascent stage currently. In Future scenario can be change because of research & can be used for many more diseases.

Even if u store it & in case u have to use it for disease, it’s total cost will be huge anywhere between 25 lacs or even upto 50 lacs. So incase u need it & u can’t have this much amount for treatment then again no use of sending 1lac for storage. Many Mediclaim have exclusion criteria of bone marrow transplant treatment. So even if u have cover of 5-10lacs, u have to spend entire amount from ur pocket.

Also these samples need to be store in extremely supervised environment (below minus 50 temperature). We dont know quality of preservation.

Disclosure: we recently blessed with baby girl & we didn’t opted for cord storage.

Deal Cadet

Just another way to make money, instead invest your hard earned money on land on mars!