WhoAreWee not to use US garbage in its products...

WhoAreWee not to use US garbage in its products, instead will use cheaper domestic replacements.

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Guess China wont be importanting much over priced US garbage..

Soon U.S. chip companies will have lost all their sales to the second largest smartphone producer of the world.

Huawei’s chipset subsidiary HiSilicon said on Friday it will use backup chips it has independently developed for years to cope with the ban from the United States.

He Tingbo, president of HiSilicon, said in an internal letter to staff that Huawei has been preparing for a scenario of survival in extreme conditions when all the advanced chips and technology from the United States become unobtainable.

The order took effect Thursday and requires U.S. government approval for all purchases of U.S. microchips, software and other components globally by Huawei and 68 affiliated businesses. Huawei says that amounted to $11 billion in goods last year.

“Today, a historic choice has to be made. Our backup plan will be put into official use,” according to the letter.

Walmart and others announce that they will have to increase their prices.

Economists also expect that the U.S. consumers will feel significant pain… about $550 per family.” China will absorb “no more than 5%” of the tariffs.


Swiggy dont cut ait…