Hotness Amazon Karigar Quiz - Win Rs 25000 4 Winners

Hot Deal Amazon Karigar Quiz - Win Rs 25000 4 Winners

Deal Subedar

Question 1:_______ is a program run by Amazon to give prominence to India’s rich handicrafts heritage. Featuring over 50,000+ products, including unique Art & Crafts from 20 states in India, it enables weavers and artisans to showcase ‘Made in India’
products to customers.
Answer: Karigar

Question 2: The logo of Amazon Karigar, with lines coming together to showcase India’s diverse and rich culture, resembles which of these?
Answer: Thumbprint

Question 3: National Handloom Day, on the eve of which, Amazon Karigar was launched, falls on the 7th day of which month?
Answer: August

Question 4: The name of which dyeing technique used to pattern textiles, prominent in South India, is derived from a Malay word meaning to ‘tie’?
Answer: Ikat

Question 5: Which of these iconic handloom styles or products is also the name of a song composed by Amit Trivedi for ‘Fitoor’?
Answer: Pashmina

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