Hotness Free 4 week online course - Photography

Hot Deal Free 4 week online course - Photography

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Free 4 week online course - Photography
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Lesson 1: Camera Types

An overview of photography in the modern era. Get familiar with your camera, how it works and get started with improving your photography straight away!

Lesson 2: Camera Features and Functions

Making sense of camera terminology and modes on cameras. Getting familiar with what cameras can do and what all the different buttons do.

Lesson 3: Lenses – Your view of the world through your camera

Exploring different lens types, understanding focal length and getting the most out of your current set up.

Lesson 4: Composition – Start seeing as a photographer

Improving photos instantly by understanding basic composition and ideas on what to look out for!

Lesson 5: Shutter speeds

What shutter speeds are and how to use them creatively to capture motion. An important step to full control.

Lesson 6: Apertures

What apertures are and how to use them effectively to create depth and the next step to full control.

Lesson 7: ISOs

How ISO works and the important role it plays in our lower-light and high-speed photography. Improve your focusing ability in the lesson too.

Lesson 8: White Balance

Why do our cameras sometimes get colours wrong, or how can you really bring out the colours in that sunset? Find out with White Balance in this lesson.

Lesson 9: Good Exposure and the Light meter

What is exposure and how the camera measures light. No more photos that are too dark or too bright! Make sure you get it perfect every time.

Lesson 10: Fully manual mode – Take complete control

Putting it all together to take full creative and technical control. Getting to fully manual is only the beginning, it will unlock your potential as a photographer.

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