[Free] Reddit Codebreaker : A rookie's guide fo...

[Free] Reddit Codebreaker : A rookie's guide for driving 100000 free web traffic in just two weeks

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After a year of experience as a blogger, content writer and web marketeer, I finally decided to publish an ebook that will help beginners in this field. I won’t lie to you- But in the early stage, I failed a couple of times in making my blog a hit. In short, I wasted a heck of https://ads.digitalpoint.com/go.php?k...ey and didn’t even get a sip of desired results.
Just the time when i decided to drop the blogging and look for something else, i was introduced to Reddit by one of my close friend. He asked me to look into the details as this site known for driving a flood of traffic. So, I jumped right onto the work and started researching the site. It may seem like another newsfeed service where you could just drop your links but it isn’t. The site have very strict rules in order to combat spam. So, I was asking myself, then how?
I am glad to tell you guys that i somehow learned simple but very effective secret tricks which i successfully applied in promoting my site without spending a dime and w/o getting shadowbanned.
Let me tell you that using this social news servicing- I was able to gain more than 100,000 visitors to my site (Proof Available). Over 1 billion websites are currently live on the webspace. It really hard hence I have written this ebook to help those guys, finding it hard to develop a name for themselves in this area. This ebook will give then a big initial push as exposure. Following is what I have provided in the ebook;
1.Personal experience of driving more than 100K hits in just couple of days
2.The necessary secret ingredient that you will require to stay on Reddit promoting your site for a long period without getting shadowbanned.
3. How to customize your website in order to retain visitors, building a massive audience and building a brand.
I forgot to mention that i earned $115 from adsense in these two weeks. Yes, a website that is 14 days older was able to achieve adsense threshold just like that. All credits to reddit for bringing those 100K to my site.
The Free Promotion is about to end in couple of hours. Grab your free copy now. Don’t forget to give your feedback by rating it.If you like my ebook that please rate it on Amazon and provide your feedback.
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Hi Author,

Is the promotion still on? I can’t download it. I checked this post now only.