Free Udemy Course: AutoCAD I The Complete Begin...

Free Udemy Course: AutoCAD I The Complete Beginner Course From Autodesk Expert

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This AutoCAD course covers drawing setup, fundamental construction and editing tools, layer management, object properties, basic annotation with (text and dimensions), and an introduction to layouts and plotting.

  • Learn to Use the online Help system. Entering, canceling, and repeating commands. Line, Circle, Arc, Polygon, Rectangle, Erase, and Undo commands introduced.
  • Students will learn how to create and manage both mechanical and architectural style dimensions.
  • Starting a new drawing, saving a drawing and opening a drawing. File utilities and windows file management techniques.
  • Learn the Cartesian Coordinate system, methods of point entry and Dynamic input.
  • New concepts also include navigating a drawing with the Zoom and Pan commands, Drawing Aids, and Object Snaps.
  • Selection methods. (Pick, Window, Crossing, Previous, and Last).
  • Construction and Editing I – Erase, Move, Copy, Rotate, Offset, and Mirror.
  • Creating and working with Polylines.
  • Construction and Editing II – Trim, Extend, Fillet, and Chamfer.
  • Discussion on drawing set up procedures. Using basic template drawings.
  • Introduction to Paper Space. Creating single viewports and setting viewport scales.
  • Construction and Editing III – Stretch, Scale, and Lengthen. Breaking and Joining entities.
  • Introduction to basic inquiry procedures with the List, Dist, ID, Area, and Measuregeom commands.
  • Introduction to Layers and Object Propertes AutoCAD. Controlling linetypes with Ltscale and Celtscale.
  • Students will learn how to set and modify properties through the Properties Palette. New commands include Layer, Properties, and MatchProp.
  • Discussion on procedures for adding text to a drawing. Setting a style and following standards.
  • Students will learn techniques for creating and formatting text. Various options of the Mtext editor will be discussed in depth.
  • Introduction to grips and grip edit commands. Working with Polar Tracking and Polar Snap settings. Using Object snap tracking and the Align command.
  • Construction & Editing IV – Donuts and Spirals. Xlines and Rays. Rectangular and Polar Arrays. Point, Divide and Measure.
  • Dimensioning terms and commands. Introduction to dimension styles and style settings and how they control the appearance of dimensions.
  • Editing and fine-tuning the appearance of dimensions with Child styles, dimension edit commands (Update, Edit and Tedit), grip editing, and the Properties palette.
  • This AutoCAD course will lead the user through the basic 2D features of the latest versions of AutoCAD.
  • Students will learn how to create and manage both mechanical and architectural style dimensions.

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