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[FREEBIE] Presenting The Professor's Guide to Powerful Communication [Good Reviews]

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“I want my presentation to blow the audience away.”

“I hate when people text-message during my presentations.”

“I don’t want to be like all the other presenters.

These are the actual words that presenters, particularly college faculty, use when asked about their PowerPoint goals and challenges. They do presentations all the time—in the classrooms, at conferences, and during workshops—yet they rarely learn to communicate effectively.

Bottom line: Isn’t that what presentations are supposed to do? Create impact through our words and our slides? In a way that get audiences to go: 

Wow. That was clear and to the point. 

I want that professor for all my lectures. 

I never thought about the topic this way. I’m going to Google more about it. 

I’m going to email this presenter . . . and maybe collaborate!

PRESENTING. The Professor’s Guide to Powerful Communication will show you:

•One simple test to see if your existing presentation slides are any good 

•How documentaries (yes—documentaries!) present information more effectively than most of us

•A proven format to engage audiences (Hint: don’t introduce technical terms up front) 

•How to deal with the chronic issue of “I have too much to cover!” 

•How to create captivating slides—without a degree in design

Just like his other widely-read book, Teaching College: The Ultimate Guide to Lecturing, Presenting, and Engaging Students, Dr. Norman Eng’s PRESENTING. is based on the latest research in media & communication, design, education, and neuroscience. More importantly, it gives college educators—novices and veterans alike—the confidence to move any audience, no matter their topic or venue. 


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