Get Creative & Win an iPhone 7

Get Creative & Win an iPhone 7

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Get Creative & Win an iPhone 7

Ankur Singla <[email protected]> Unsubscribe
5:43 PM (15 hours ago)

to me

At Helpchat, we’ve been working tirelessly to create a single destination for all your needs from cabs, food, recharge, offers and even finding the best things to do around you. And that too without you having to chat for it.

And this is what some of our users asked us & it rang a bell: “Why have chat in our name, when we don’t have one on the app?”

So, here’s what we decided:

Ask our users for a new name, a name not based on who we think we are, but who you think we are. What’s more? The winning entry will not only give us our new name but also give the individual something special from us.

What’s in it for you?

Winning entry gets a brand new iPhone 7
So, what are you waiting for?

Click below to start throwing names at us. You never know which one sticks.


Ankur Singla,

Founder & CEO, Helpchat

*Read detailed Terms and Conditions here: *

1. Entries submitted before 18th September 2016, 11:59 PM only would be considered
2. This is a closed contest, open only for selected, premium Helpchat users. Others cannot participate in the contest. Participants are only eligible to participate if they have received this communication directly from Helpchat
3. The Helpchat Senior Management will decide the final name. The result for the final name will be declared on or before 1st November 2016
4. Winner will be the person whose suggested name is chosen as the final name and will get an iPhone 7
5. If multiple people have suggested the selected final name chosen by Helpchat Senior Management as the new name, the prize will be given to the user to submitted it first
6. Winners will be informed via the number they fill in the form above. Make sure you fill in the correct phone number
7. Your entry should be original and should not copy any existing app/product in the market
8. One person can submit multiple entries
9. Final decision of Helpchat senior management will be final in case of any disputes
10. Phone numbers submitted here will not be used for any other purpose apart from contacting the winners and will not be shared with any 3rd party company

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