Google Classroom: 2019 User Manual to Learn Eve...

Google Classroom: 2019 User Manual to Learn Everything You Need to Know About Google Classroom FREEBIE

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Here is a preview of what you’ll learn:
  • The benefits of Google Classrooms
  • How to start a plan book for your class 
  • How to create a class and organize it 
  • How you can manage the due dates, homework, and assignments
  • How to get another student or a teacher into the class 
  • How to manage grades and transfer them to Google Sheets 
  • Motivational techniques to help kids get excited
  • Extensions, hidden features, and useful apps to help students succeed

By the end of this, your students will know how to use Google Classroom easily, and you as a teacher will benefit from this awesome piece of software. Google makes it so much easier to run everything these days, since it’s all in one place, and it will totally make it easier to have everything all put together. Lots of times, teachers run into the barrier of having all of their paperwork and their lesson plans and notes all over the place. But, with Google Classroom, you can change the way being a teacher is, and through the use of this amazing system, you’ll be able to inspire and motivate other students and use this amazing platform to help you get the most from this that you possibly can. 

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