Partiture Live - Complete Musicians' App worth ...

Partiture Live - Complete Musicians' App worth Rs.520 For FREE

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Partiture Live - Complete Musicians' App worth Rs.520 For FREE
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About this App:-

Musicians App: Transcribe Music, Learn Sheet Music, Tuner, Metronome, Music Game

Free since May 4th until May 11th, 2020.

Partiture Live is a Great Musicians’ App which includes a Music Transcriber (Audio to Sheet Music), Music Tutor, Guitar Tuner, Metronome, and Music Game (Learn Sheet Music) that allows you to do many things!.

• You can Transcribe Audio to Sheet Music or ‘Partitures’ in Real Time with 99% Accurate Results.

• You can Learn to Read Sheet Music really fast by transcribing Full Scores, Notes only, or Rhythms only.

• You can Tune Your Instrument as fast as never (Real Time Results Millisecond by Millisecond).

• You can Use a Great Metronome to play your favorite songs (even double touching an Icon to input the tempo)

• You can Play a Little Music Game to Learn to Read Sheet Music.

• And currently there are Dozens of Other New Features Coming in The Next 6 Months: Bank of Scores of 300.000+ Popular Scores, Create Sheet Music, Edit Sheet Music, Piano Roll, Guitar Roll, Guitar Chords, Piano Chords, Ear Training, Interval Training, Sheet Music Scanner (from paper), and Much More.

Main Features:

• Score Live: Transcribe Audio to Sheet Music, in Real Time, Millisecond by Millisecond as you play.

Transcribe Guitar Notes on the go to Only Rhythms, without The Notes, to learn the rhythmical part of the sheet music theory, by Audio or by Button Pressings.

Transcribe Piano Notes Live to Only Music Notes, without the rhythmical part of the sheet music theory, to Learn Music Notes’ Positions on the Score.

Transcribe Every Instrument Notes to Full Sheet Music; Score: Both Music Notes and Rhythms, where you can learn music by seeing how what you play is written in real time or just transcribe your music to sheet music.

• Learn Music, Learn Music Notes, Learn Notes, Learn to Read Music.

Tune Your Instrument in Real Time with 100% Precission (‘440,03’ for example).

Use a Great Metronome to Play Your Favorite Songs (you can even select the tempo by double touching an Icon).

Play a Guitar Game, or a Piano Game: Just play the Note that it is displayed on the screen and you will get a new one to play, so you learn to read music.

• Much More.

General Features:

• Real Time Instant Audio to Sheet Music Transcription! (Updating Millisecond by Millisecond!).

• 3 Types of Music Transcription: Only Rhythms, Only Notes, or Full Scores!.

• 99% Transcription Accuracy!.

• Best Guitar Tuner in The Market, in Real Time! (if you play 440.03 Hz, it will tell you ‘440.03 Hz’ precisely, not ‘440’!).

• Great Metronome with Several Sounds and ‘Double Touch’ to Select Tempo.

• Names of Notes Inside Note-Dots Visible or Not!.

• Frequencies Visible or Not!.

• Choosable Tempo (‘72 Bpm’).

• Choosable Notes & Frequencies Convention! (‘A4: 440 Hz’, or for example, a current trend: ‘432 Hz’).

• Treble and Bass Clef!.

• English or Solfege Notation!.

• Distance between notes changeable!.

• Save, Recover and Play Previous Recordings!.

• Very Fun Music Learning Game of ‘Play The Note Displayed in The Score’!.

It is relevant to clarify that Partiture Live recognizes one note at a time, and therefore currently does not recognize Chords.

Yet in a not so distant future, it will!.

Soon, we will be adding Ear Training.

Next, Guitar Chords and Piano Chords.

Next, Creating and Editing Sheet Music.

Next, a Full Bank of Downloadable Sheet Music.

And Next, much more things more, during this 2020 Year.

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