Hotness Swoo Trivia Show : play 2 times a day

Hot Deal Swoo Trivia Show : play 2 times a day

Deal Cadet

play twice a day : at 3:30pm for rs 50,000 and on 9:30pm for rs 1,00,000

FOR refer code : DM me
swoo FB page for more info :

What is the Swoo Trivia Show?
Swoo Trivia Show brings the thrill of playing a celebrity hosted game show right in your palms. Now play along with thousands of participants and win real cash prizes.
Everyday our host will come live at an announced time and ask a set of questions.
Win real money by answering these questions correctly.
Does it cost me any money to play the Swoo Trivia Show?
No. It’s free on the Google Play (for Android) and App Store (for iPhone).
How do I play?
Join a live game
The host will ask a set of questions with multiple options for each
Choose an answer you think is correct
If you choose a wrong answer you get eliminated
All the contestants who answer all the questions correctly would share the prize amount
Is the Swoo Trivia Show giving out real money?
Yes. The amount you win on our show is real money.
You can choose to cashout when you have reached a certain minimum amount.
What are lives?
Lives allow you to stay in the game even if your answer was not correct.
Lives can be used once per game, except on the last question
How do I get more lives?
Every time a new player joins with your referral code, you both get an extra life. Share more, to earn more lives!
What is my referral code?
Your referral code is your userhandle on the Swoo app
How do I encash my winnings?
In order to encash the winnings, choose a payment wallet, enter the necessary details and encash.

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Deal Cadet

now 2 times quiz and 2 times bingo in a day

for referal code DM me.