Basic Monitor Purchasing Guide And Cheapest And...

Basic Monitor Purchasing Guide And Cheapest And Best List Of Monitors according to sizes

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Monitors also come of different different sizes and features and are required for different different functions.
If you are going to purchase a monitor awareness of certain things is required so that you dont make a mistake and buy a monitor which does not suits your needs

Basically Computer Monitors are of two types

1.Normal monitors for pc :
Monitors who work for pc output (Contains D-sub port)

2.HDTV Monitors or HDCP Complaint monitors :
HDCP is feature you need if you want to use your monitor for HDTV and other bluray devices like PS3
It means they need to have a DVI or HDMI slot

To a monitor to be 1080p or HD ready or FULL HD it needs to have 1980×1080p native resolution practically around 21.5" – 23"inchs otherwise its not a 1080p monitor.A lot of manufactureres lie about this.

If a monitor is less than 21.5"-23" and yet HDCP complaint then 720p display output will be given by PS3 And HDTV unless HDTV trasmits signal of native resolution of your monitor.


1.Keep viewing angles in check while purchasing monitor.The nearer to 180 degrees the better.

2.There are two type of surface Glare And Anti-Glare.

Antiglare screen show black portion of video with low reflecionpeople often complain as it is looking like negative photograph but its just antiglare.(usually lg monitors are all anti glare).Antiglare coated screens dont reflect light shadows etc. i.e. they dont work like mirrors which makes it better than normally coated screes but a cerdtain disadvantage is described earlier.

3.DVI is only for video output you cannot recieve audio output so having HDMI port is better if monitor has inbuilt speakers.

4.Contrast ratio is usually good in monitors these days but still keep an eye on it.The greater the differene the better will be the display

5.Check for mounting support if you want r mointor to be fixed on desk or furniture or usually wall.

6.Also check for energy compliant.

List of best and cheapest monitor according to size:

1. 15.6 inch…

2.18.5 inch…

3.20 inch…

4.21.5 inch .It also supports HDCP and is full HD also supports inbuilt speaker.…

5.23 inch HDCP complaint .…

HDCP monitor

1.Best And Cheapest HD but not full HD
Glare Screen…

2.Best 1080p,HDTV,Full HD HDCP complaint monitor And recommended comes with inbuilt speakers…

3.if you are slim crazy then…0V

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