Buy Brook Bond 3Roses 250g pack (MRP 116) and G...

Buy Brook Bond 3Roses 250g pack (MRP 116) and Get Mobile Recharge worth Rs.20


Terms and Conditions

1. The Campaign starts 12 Midnight IST on 15/08/2015 and ends on 30/11/2015 at 11:59 PM IST (“the Campaign Period”) for the state of Karnataka and for the states of Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Kerala,
2. These terms and conditions are applicable for the “3ROSES MOBILE RECHARGE OFFER” which will be applicable during the Campaign Period.
3. The Campaign is open to callers who are users of pre-paid mobile phone connections located in 4 states of South India viz. Andhra Pradesh – AP; Karnataka; Kerala and Tamil Nadu – TN (each a “Consumer”).
4. HUL and/or its designated agencies, their directors, members, partners, employees, agents or consultants and their spouses, life partners, parents, children, siblings, business partners or associates are not eligible to participate in or enter the Competition.
5. To avail this offer and participate in the Campaign, a Consumer, upon purchasing 3 Roses 250g Tea (“the Pack”) must open the product pack, locate the unique code printed within (“UCC”). The UCC is valid only for onetime credit of Mobile Talk time.
6. Participants can take part in the Campaign by following either of the given below options:
a. To participate in the Campaign the Participant is required to give a missed call on 18004190980. The Participant will receive a call back from an Interactive Voice System (‘IVRS’) and the Participant is required to punch in the UCC; or
b. As and when the option to participate through SMS is provided, the Participant can SMS the UCC to the number (to be specified in the SMS which will be sent, when given a missed call on 18004190980) to participate in the Campaign.

7. By placing a missed-call or sending an SMS, the Consumer expressly opts to participate in the Campaign and to receive a call back (an “Interactive Voice Response” or “IVRS”) from HUL’s service provider. IVRS automated calls enable consumers to respond a call-back via voice input or keypad selection.
8. Upon receiving a call-back, the Consumer will be requested to follow instructions for (a) entering the unique product code and (b) participating in a brief Consumer survey. Upon completion of the Consumer survey, and depending on the product purchased, the Consumer will be awarded a mobile recharge of Rs.20.
9. Mobile recharge will be confirmed via SMS confirmation to the Consumer. Each unique product code is valid for one Campaign entry only. Please note, post-paid mobile phones are not eligible for mobile recharge during this offer.

10. This Campaign is open for customers of ALL Telecom operators (subject to network availability).
11. In respect of each unique 3 Roses Product code, after the re-charge is completed, HUL shall have no further airtime reward obligations to the participating Consumer.
12. Participation in this Campaign is free, voluntary and at the sole discretion of the Consumer. By participating in this Campaign, the consumer fully and unconditionally agrees to and accepts these Terms and Conditions as well as the decisions of HUL which are final and binding in all matters related to the Campaign.
13. HUL cannot guarantee connectivity via the mobile network of the telecoms service provider subscribed to by the consumer. Accordingly, HUL shall not be responsible or liable for any inability of, or failure by, the Consumer to connect to any of the above mobile recharge telephone numbers.
14. HUL does not accept responsibility for entries lost, corrupted or delayed as a result of any network, hardware or software failure of any kind. Proof of calling/ sending will not be accepted as proof of receipt.
15. During the Campaign Period, Consumers may participate multiple times in the Campaign i.e. each time the Consumer purchases the Pack. However, maximum valid successful recharges are limited to only 3 per campaign. In case of invalid code entry, maximum number of invalid entries allowed per consumer, having 3 invalid entries per day, 5 in a week and 7 in a campaign in entire campaign period. 3 wrong attempts is equal to 1 invalid entry. HUL reserves the right to alter, modify or change the invalid limits at any time during the Campaign Period at its sole discretion without prior notice or assigning any reason.
16. This offer is applicable across all telecom providers operating in the state of Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Tamil Nadu & Karnataka.
17. Post 30/11/2015, users with valid codes on 3 Roses Tea packs will be able to redeem alternative rewards at the discretion of HUL.
18. Airtime rewards cannot be exchanged for cash and are not transferable.
19. All Campaign materials, including details on how to enter and claim offers are a part of the Terms and Conditions of participation in this Campaign.
20. HUL shall not be liable for any delay in crediting of the minutes into the Participant’s account.
21. The time required for credit of talk-time for all non-Mobile number portability (MNP) requests received from mobile numbers of participating telecom operators will be 48 hrs post receipt of such request from the customer. Time Taken for credit of talk-time for all Mobile Number which have Ported cases (customer has ported out of the original service provider’s network) will be 96 hrs from the date of receipt of the request, provided the new telecom operator is part of the participating telecom operator.
22. HUL shall not be responsible for downtime on services rendered by the Telecom operators / provider that may occur for any reason whatsoever including without limitation due to decisions and / or changes in regulations that are carried out by TRAI, DoT or any other regulatory body.
23. HUL or its Technology Partner shall not be liable for any loss or damage due to act of God, governmental actions, other force majeure circumstances and shall not be liable to pay any amount as compensation or otherwise for any other such loss.
24. HUL or its Technology Partner shall not be liable for any loss of offer due to incorrect mobile number of user or any other information provided by the user.
25. HUL reserves the right to alter, modify or change any terms and conditions herein or modify/change, discontinue, terminate, withdraw the campaign at any time during the Campaign Period at its sole discretion without prior notice or assigning any reason.
26. All disputes with respect to this Campaign are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts or forums in Mumbai only.
27. In case of any disputes regarding above T&C based on the understanding of the vernacular version, the English version prevails and is available for reference at

I placed the recharge request on 30.09.2015 but received it only on 19.10.2015 after raising a complaint on 07.10.2015. They took 20 days in place of 2 days. LOL. I waited for confirmation before sharing it here.

MRP of the pack is Rs.116 but I got it at Rs.104 from a local provision store. I bet one can get it much cheaper at Cost Price Shops.

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