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37% Off - Spicy Monk California Almonds 1000 Grams, Organic Badam 1 Kg

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Almonds are healthy and nutritious nuts that are originated mainly from the Mediterranean climate regions of the Middle East. Rostaa Almonds are sourced from California, USA and are available in a resealable packet so that you can store it conveniently and fresh for a longer period of time. Almonds are believed to be a rich source of anti-oxidants, vitamins, proteins, fiber and minerals. If consumed daily as a snack or with breakfast then it can help you in proper weight management.Benefits of Urban Platter California almonds are one the most popular tree nut. Although they are high in fat still they are highly nutritious and extremely healthy. The almond is a safe to eat seed that grows on the tree prunes dulcis, also called the almond tree. There are numbers of health benefits of almonds such as skin problem solution, strengthen the body and improves the eyesight. Other benefit of almonds for body and mind are discussed below. The almonds we buy from the store have typically had the shell removed, revealing the eatable nut inside, a little handful, which provides the human body with about 161 calories and 2. 5 Grams of eatable carbohydrates. It is also significant to note that 10 15 percent of an almond’s calories are not actually absorbed by the body, because the fat is said to be too difficult to break down inside the body.

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