Pigeon Baby Diaper Large Size (34 Pieces)

Pigeon Baby Diaper Large Size (34 Pieces)

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Pigeon Baby Diaper Large Size (34 Pieces)
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Pigeon baby diapers are super absorbent, it helps to absorb more quickly and hence requires less change of diapers, it helps to lock moisture and keeps surface dry ensuring long lasting dryness and comfort
Baby’s skin always stays clean, dry and comfortable: Pigeon Baby Diaper’s absorbent soft woven inner layers and breathable backsheet, keep your baby’s skin dry and comfortable
Super absorbent pad offers long lasting protection against leakage: Unique super absorbent pad securely traps uto 5 times it’s weight in liquid, preventing leakage or coming in contact with baby’s skin
Cotton Soft, slim fit diaper: Cottony soft sheets, gently,yet securely, cover your baby’s bottom. It’s unique slim fit design provides a great fit on your baby’s bottom
Cute animal designs: The cute animal designs on the diaper make it more attractive and appealing to both mother and baby
It helps to protect baby’s delicate skin