95% off on Top Rated Mental Health Courses

95% off on Top Rated Mental Health Courses

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95% off on Top Rated Mental Health Courses
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94% off on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) Practitioner Certificate


Learn Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and how you can positively influence peoples emotional and mental well-being.

Bestseller || 4.5 (17,755 ratings) || 95,202 students enrolled

This course includes
52.5 hours on-demand video
34 articles
361 downloadable resources
Full lifetime access
Access on mobile and TV
Certificate of Completion


94% off on Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma (Achology Certified)


Discover the Step-by-Step Hypnotherapy Process and Start Working With Clients as an Achology certified Hypnotherapist

Bestseller || 4.5 (1,378 ratings) || 9,483 students enrolled


94% off on Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist – Individual (CCTS-I)

Trauma Competency for the 21st Century

Bestseller || 4.6 (1,906 ratings) || 6,402 students enrolled


What you’ll learn

The focus is to increase understanding of individuals through the trauma/adversity history lens. Motivation and meaning of behaviors will be explored and defined as an attempt to decrease feelings of distress. Trauma-informed care is an established practice that can dramatically improve the outcomes for individuals, children, and families.


95% off on REBT – The Modern Effective Therapy System


Heal yourself and achieve your full potential with this incredible therapy system

4.4 (814 ratings) || 6,142 students enrolled

What you’ll learn
Heal themselves using REBT
Achieve their personal goals
Recognise their irrational, self limiting beliefs


94% off on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) Associate Life Coach

CBT: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Life Coaching Associate Coach Certificate in Cognitive Behavioural Coaching

4.4 (890 ratings) || 5,311 students enrolled

What you’ll learn
Animation Representation Training™ designed specifically for visual and auditory learners
24 Downloadable PDF exercises to use with clients
Prior to enrolling please watch the free lectures to make certain Animation Representation Training™ matches your learning style
Immediately Actionable Resources including guides, handouts and workbooks
Apply evidence-based coaching techniques with their own clients in a professional practice
Practice as a Cognitive Behavioural Associate Coach
Use CBT Coaching as a self healing model


64% off on Reiki and Acupressure for Anxiety and Depression

10 days to a Happier, More Relaxed You

Bestseller || 4.5 (741 ratings) || 15,058 students enrolled

What you’ll learn
Use Reiki, meditation and Acupressure daily focusing on relieving anxiety and depression
Increase relaxation and well-being through the use of specific Accupressure, meditation and Reiki techniques
Use meditation to explore the chakra system
Explore and clear energy centers in the body using Acupressure, Reiki and meditation
Perform complete Reiki sessions on self


94% off on 10X Neuroplasticity SUPERPOWER: Build Better Mental Health


The 5-Step SYSTEM to Rewire Your Neural Circuits to a Smarter & Flexible Brain … Using Neuroscience Proven Methods

Highest Rated 4.8 (334 ratings) 7,315 students enrolled

10X Neuroplasticity SUPERPOWER: Build Better Mental Health

The 5-Step SYSTEM to Rewire Your Neural Circuits to a Smarter & Flexible Brain … Using Neuroscience Proven

Highest Rated || 4.8 (334 ratings) || 7,315 students enrolled

This course includes
4 hours on-demand video
2 articles
5 downloadable resources
Full lifetime access
Access on mobile and TV

REBT Mindset Life Coach Certification (Accredited)

Coach clients to empower their thoughts, emotions, behaviors & dreams as an REBT Rational Emotive Behavioral Life Coach

Bestseller 4.5 (621 ratings) 4,200 students enrolled

What you’ll learn
Become a Rational Emotive Behavioral Coach and use REBT to empower your clients to take their power back
As a life coach, coach your clients to feel in control of themselves and their life
As a life coach, coach your clients to stop beating themselves up
As a life coach, coach your clients to be more optimistic and find the good in any situation
As a life coach, coach your clients to stop letting road blocks stand in the way of theirgoals and dreams
As a life coach, coach your clients to feel better in every day life


88% off on Past Life Regression – Therapist Training


Help clients enhance psychic recall of past lives for karmic energy healing, with hypnosis, hypnotherapy & spirit guides

Bestseller 4.6 (650 ratings) 3,411 students enrolled

What you’ll learn
Take clients through a complete program of past life regression sessions.
Navigate efficiently through one past life, and though multiple past lives.
Provide full therapeutic resolutions, based on a number of techniques.
Recognise and apply therapy to the most popular issues.
Experience a personal past life regression session on video for general issues.
Get 4 one hour past life regression audio sessions for the major specific issues.


Hypnosis Practitioner & Hypnotherapy Guide (CPD Accredited)


HIGHEST RATED Hypnosis Training! Beginner to Advanced. Become a Hypnosis Practitioner or Open a Hypnotherapy Practice

Highest Rated || 4.6 (507 ratings)|| 3,147 students enrolled

Treating PTSD, Trauma & Phobias With The Rewind Technique



Learn to treat phobias, PTSD & trauma underlying many problems (depression, anxiety, addictions) often in one session

4.5 (531 ratings) 3,122 students enrolled


What you’ll learn
Identify and treat the underlying trauma which is driving the phobia, post-traumatic stress disorder or trauma underlying and driving other psychological problems like depression, anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder and addictions
Be creative and develop their own ways of treating trauma by using the principles of the Rewind Technique. This could be through story-telling or using ‘real-life’ settings, or creating a different version of the Rewind Technique which better fits the individual client

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In this course, you will learn:

How to treat phobias, post-traumatic stress disorder, and trauma that underlies many other psychological problems (like: depression, anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, and addictions) with the Rewind Technique.
What causes phobias and post-traumatic stress disorder
How to handle challenges you may face with clients
The principles behind the Rewind Technique and how to effectively deliver the technique
How to get creative with those principles so that you can create your own versions of the technique, like creating stories around the technique
What other issues the Rewind Technique works well for treating
To aid your learning there are additional notes and I have included 12 of my self-hypnosis PTSD and phobia treatment mp3’s (worth over £95 GBP) that you can use yourself or listen to as examples of using the Rewind Technique to treat different phobias and PTSD.

The tracks are:

Fear of enclosed spaces
Fear of flying
Fear of going outside your home
Fear of needles
Fear of open spaces
Fear of puppets
Fear of rats
Fear of vomiting
Generic phobia cure
Fear of spiders
Fear of snakes
PTSD treatment for soldiers