Hey! It seems you are on a very old deal.
Check out these latest deals for Electronics from Flipkart or the deals across all stores in Electronics

Accessories Carnival [14-16 Nov]: Upto 80% Off on Electronic Accessories | Power Banks Under Rs.999 & many crazy offers!

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Hey! It seems you are on a very old deal.
Check out these latest deals for Electronics from Flipkart or the deals across all stores in Electronics
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1. Mobiles & Accessories
Electronic Accessories – Up to 80% Off
Computer Accessories – Best Sellers- Up to 70% Off
Extra 15% off on Two Wheeler Covers
Power Banks- Under Rs.999
Branded Power Banks- Minimum 50% off
Ambrane Power Banks- Minimum 50% off
Intex Power Banks- Minimum 50% Off
Syska Power Banks- Under Rs.999
Routers- Under Rs.999
Extra 10% off on Biker Gloves
Extra 15% off on Bike Riding Face Mask
Extra 15% off on Helmet Locks
Extra 10% Off on Bike Tyres
Extra 10% off on Helmets
Car Body Covers- Under Rs.499
Car Mats- Under Rs.499
Car Air Freshners- Under Rs.299
Car Seat Covers- Under Rs.999
Car Mobile Chargers- Under Rs.499
Car Mobile Holders- Under Rs.299
Car Vaccumm Cleaners- Under Rs.699
Car Stereos- Minimum 40% Off
Bosch 33-11 Pressure Washer at Rs.7299
High Quality Cables- Sony, Mivi, Intex Under Rs.399
Branded Chargers- Portronics, Intex, Samsung Under Rs.599
Extra 10% off on Vega Helmets
Bike Body Covers under Rs 299

2. Electronic Accessories
Routers- Minimum 40% off
1TB Hard Disks- HP, WD, Seagate Under Rs.4799
2TB Hard Disks- WD, Lenovo, Seagate Upto 10%-40% Off
4TB Hard Disks- WD & Seagate 10%-35% Off
Seagate 2TB- Hard Disks for Xbox Flat Rs.9999
16GB Memory Cards- SanDisk, Samsung & more Under Rs.429
32GB Memory Cards- Samsung, SanDisk, Sony Under Rs.749
64GB Memory Cards- Samsung, Sony, SanDisk Under Rs.1399
8GB – 32GB Pen Drives Under Rs.749
32GB – 128GB Pen Drives Up to 40% Off
Pen Drives- Kingston, Strontium, Sony Under Rs.749
SanDisk 32GB OTG- Mobile USB Drive Bestseller
16 & 32GB OTG- Mobile USB Drives Kingston & SanDisk
Logitech B175 Mouse At Rs 599
Wireless Mouse Under Rs 699
Rapoo Mouse Under Rs 499
Best Selling Keyboards Under Rs 1499
Laptop bags Under Rs 1999- Best Sellers
HP Laptop Bag At Rs 549
Best Sellers- Security Software under Rs 1499
Mcafee and Kaspersky Security Softwares- Under Rs 999
Potronics Cooling Pad- Under Rs 1699
Surge Protetcors- Under Rs 1499
Mesleep Laptop Skins At Rs 199
Laptop Sleeves At Under Rs 499
Microsoft Office At Rs 2499
Mobile Security Software At Rs 99
Keyboards Under 999
Laptop Bags Under Rs.999
Samsung 32GB Evo + Just Rs.599 Hi-speed Memory Card
Toshiba 16GB at Just Rs.329 Hi-speed Memory Card
Lenovo 1TB at Just Rs.3699 External Hard Disk
Sony 32GB at Just Rs.599 Hi-speed Memory Card
SanDisk 16GB at Just Rs.329 Best-selling Pen Drive

3. Mobiles
Moto Z | Z Play Starting from Rs.24,999 | Up to Rs.23,500 Off on exchange
Samsung On8- Just at Rs.15,900 | Up to Rs.13,000 Off on exchange
Samsung On Nxt- Just at Rs.18,490 | Up to Rs.16,900 Off on exchange
iPhone 6- Just at Rs.33,990 | Additional Rs.2,000 Off on regular exchange value
iPhone 7- Starting from Rs.60,000 | Up to Rs.23,500 Off on exchange
Google Pixel Starting from Rs.57,000 | Up to Rs.23,500 Off on exchange
Moto e3 Power Just at Rs.7,999 | Up to Rs.7,000 Off on exchange
Lenovo K5 Note Starting from Rs.11,999 | Up to Rs.12,000 Off on exchange
Lemax 2- Flat Rs.5,000 off | Just at Rs.17,999
Mi 5- Flat Rs.2,000 off | Just at Rs.22,999
Samsung On5- Flat Rs.2,360 off | Just at Rs.7,490
Samsung On7- Flat Rs.1,200 off | Just at Rs.8,990
Redmi Note 3- Starting from Rs.9,999 | Up to Rs.10,000 Off on exchange
iPhone 6S- Just at Rs.41,999 | Up to Rs.26,500 Off on exchange