Awaken The Millionaire Within: 21 Powerful Mone...

Awaken The Millionaire Within: 21 Powerful Money Secrets Kindle Edition

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Awaken The Millionaire Within: 21 Powerful Money Secrets Kindle Edition
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Awaken The Millionaire Within: 21 Powerful Money Secrets

Product Description

Awaken The Millionaire Within is a book specially written for aspiring salaried individuals. The author, R Subramanya, has clearly described 21 time-tested principles that he teaches his students to achieve financial independence.

The principles are explained clearly in simple and easy-to-understand language, without using technical jargon or complicated phrases.

This book is especially useful:

1. If you are not earning enough 
2. Don’t know where your money is going 
3. If you are trapped in never-ending debt 
4. If you are worried about your children’s education, and 
5. If your dreams are still unfulfilled

Most salaried individuals get trapped in debt and suffer, fighting an endless financial battle, only to take their dreams to their graves. They blame their bosses, their employers, and family members for their misfortunes while being ignorant of the fact that their “Little Money Voice” (LMV) is the sole cause. 

This has to change, and, this book is a sincere attempt to bring about the change with its 21 proven principles to its readers.

About the Author

No successful man has seen success without hardship. Mr. Rajagopal Subramanya is no different. Growing up he had to endure a lot of pain and suffering due to a paucity of money. He started out as a Mechanical engineer but his urge to find answers to his financial misery gradually swayed him to Commerce. Soon, he qualified as a Certified Financial Planner. What started as a hobby became his passion and eventually his profession. Having felt the pain, humiliation, and desperation for the dearth of money, he decided to do his part and help people lead a spectacular life; a life of their dreams. With over 40 years of experience, he has written many blogs and has been featured in umpteen magazines and newspapers. All those years of hardship taught him vital money lessons which he has compiled in his first book – “AWAKEN THE MILLIONAIRE WITHIN.” This book reveals the 21 powerful money secrets which can transform any individual at any stage to attain Financial Freedom and live his/her dreams. This book is his very own brainchild and he has carefully drafted it to suit the needs of common man.
Features & details

Features & details

Product Details
  • Publication date: 14 May 2018
  • Publisher: Stardom Books
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B07D3B7CQF
  • Sales Rank: 13

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