50% discount upto 300 on movie ticket and 50% d...

50% discount upto 300 on movie ticket and 50% discount upto 200 on food @ Book my show using Amazon pay icici bank credit card

50% OFF 500.0
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  1. Merchant: BookMyShow

  2. Merchant Website: bookmyshow.com or corresponding mobile application

  3. Offer Period: Valid up to September 30, 2020

  4. Eligibility Criteria: Persons (resident in India) holding Amazon Pay ICICI Bank credit card issued by ICICI Bank Limited powered by Visa Worldwide Pte. Limited (“Card”)

  5. Underlying Transaction: To avail this offer, the customer must: (a) undertake a purchase transaction on the Merchant Website; (b) make the payment for such purchase transaction using the Card. It is clarified that this Offer: (i) is applicable on purchase of minimum of two (2) movie tickets; (ii) can be availed every week from Thursday to Sunday

  6. Benefit: For movie ticket bookings: Flat 50% instant discount on the amount of the transaction made on the Merchant Website by the cardholder using the Card up-to a maximum of INR 300. For food combos booking: Flat 50% instant discount on the amount of the transaction made on the Merchant Website by the cardholder using the Card up-to a maximum of INR 200.

  7. Funding of the Offer: This offer is funded by VISA

  8. Merchant Terms: a. Free tickets will be offered for each weekend day in two blocks, with one block of tickets available available from 10:00 AM of the weekend day until stocks lasts and the second block of tickets available from 4:00 PM of the same weekend day until stocks lasts. FnB discounts will be available only when the movie ticket quota is available.
    b. Get 50% discount up to Rs. 300 on movies and up to Rs. 200 off on food combos with Visa Signature cards. c. Offer valid on minimum booking of two movie tickets. d. Offer can be availed every week from Thursday to Sunday

Terms and Conditions

  1. These terms and conditions (“Offer Terms”) are applicable to you to avail the offer for which these Offer Terms are published (“Offer”).

  2. This Offer is provided in respect of Amazon Pay ICICI Bank credit card (“Card”) that is issued by ICICI Bank Limited (“ICICI”) powered by Visa Worldwide Pte. Limited (“Visa"). Amazon Pay (India) Private Limited (“Amazon”) is the co-branding partner of the Card, along with ICICI.

  3. This Offer is made available to you by the merchant / retailer / reseller / service provider / marketplace operator (“Merchant”) in relation to the products or services provided by the Merchant.

  4. The Offer is available only to the customers who: (a) hold a valid Card, and (b) make payment to the Merchant for the products / services purchased from the Merchant using the Card (“Cardholder”).

  5. Availing of this Offer with the Merchant is subject to additional terms made available by the Merchant for the transaction.

  6. Subject to the fulfillment of the applicable terms, the Cardholders will be eligible to receive the benefit under the Offer, which will be provided at the discretion of the Merchant, ICICI or Visa (as applicable).

  7. By participating in this Offer, you agree that Amazon, ICICI and Visa or any of their affiliates will not be liable or responsible for any loss or damage whatsoever that you may suffer, directly or indirectly, in connection with the Offer, including but not limited to that associated with your use, delivery or misuse of any product / service purchased from the Merchant or delivery or non-delivery of the benefits under the Offer.

  8. Under no circumstances, will the benefits under the Offer be settled in cash in lieu of the benefits.

  9. The Cardholder will not be eligible for any benefit under the Offer, if such Cardholder or the Merchant cancels the transaction (fully or partially) or returns the products / services availed from the Merchant (such return will however be subject to the discretion of and the terms notified by the Merchant). In such cases the participation of the Cardholder in the Offer will be deemed withdrawn and such Cardholder will not be entitled to any benefit. If the Cardholder has received the benefit, the benefit amount will be adjusted from the amount to be refunded.

  10. Any query / issue in relation to the Offer will be entertained by the Merchant. Amazon will not entertain any communication regarding the Offer from any person.

  11. Amazon, ICICI and/or Visa reserve the right, at any time, without prior notice, without liability, and without assigning any reason whatsoever, to add/alter/modify/change or vary all of these Offer Terms.

  12. The terms of purchase of products / services by the Cardholder shall be governed by the terms issued / provided by the Merchant, including the terms and conditions applicable to the purchase, return, exchange or refund of the products / services.

  13. All disputes between the customer and the Merchant will be resolved inter se and Amazon, ICICI and/or Visa will not (nor will be liable or obliged to) mediate or resolve any dispute or disagreement between them.

  14. Customers are not bound in any manner to participate in the Offer. Any such participation is voluntary.

  15. Any person availing this Offer will be deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions.

  16. Any disputes or differences arising out of or in connection with these Offer Terms will be governed by the laws of India and will subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts at Delhi.

Expiring In 7 days
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it shows this card is not valid

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Sigel wrote:

it shows this card is not valid

It said weekends..thursday to sunday

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Following bin ranges are eligible for this offer : 430463 468943 459249 461709 489500 409031 474179 480322 403250 404745 431459 433587 437748 452572 452574 460214 468742 418136 430570 435393 442262 451104 461787 463917 485498 485499 405533 407352 431546 441774 442069 444808 445026 448966 450172 411146 430833 461118 485069 414752 414772 444356 414767 449266 418506 408821 469643 490486 431733 404582 453270 405035 459557 420362 449136 435502 440899 406597 406894 418228 442309 442651 442655 442768 442772 448965 448966 468799 480259 483834 490015 472339 400815 405338 405342 428096 440925 429898 459181 471246 476660 457487 401613 472285 472357

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@admin FYI

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pvprasad wrote:

It said weekends..thursday to sunday

Every day from Thursday to sunday at 10:00am will bethis offer ??

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booked 2 tickets using amazon card at 4pm got 50% disc

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is discount valid on tax too ? and it’s auto applied or code is there ?