Extra 10% Off* With Standard Chartered Credit A...

Extra 10% Off* With Standard Chartered Credit And Debit Cards on Large appliances @ Flipkart

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Terms and Conditions
Extra 10% off* with Standard Chartered Debit and Credit Card holders (“Cardholders”) issued in India on transactions ONLY on the Flipkart.com, m.flipkart.com & mAPP.
The discount offer is valid from June 4, 2016 (00:00 Hours) to June 6, 2016 (23:59 Hours), Discount Period)
The minimum transaction amount to avail the discount offer is Rs. 9,999/-
Add on cards will be treated as separate card
Maximum discount per card is Rs. 2,000/-
The discount offer is applicable only on Refrigerators, Washing Machines, Air Conditioners, Televisions and Microwaves sold by WS Retail Services Private Limited

  • Detailed Terms and Conditions**
    An instant discount will be awarded to Standard Chartered Bank Debit and Credit cardholders at the time of making the payment as per the discount offer
    The discount will be calculated on the final cart amount
    The offer is not applicable for cash on delivery transaction or Card on delivery transactions.
    The offer will not be applicable on Gift Wrap or premium delivery charges
    Standard Chartered cardholder will have to make the payment with their Standard Chartered Bank cards only to avail this discount offer
    The Discount is also applicable on payments made through EMI
    No discount will be applicable in case of partial payments. In case, for any transaction if a customer uses Flipkart EGV or Wallet no discount will be applied under the above discount offer
    Standard Chartered Bank does not make any warranties or representation of the quality, merchantability, suitability or availability of the products or services included in this Offer. WS Retail Services Private Limited shall be responsible for the products purchased by a customer. Neither Standard Chartered Bank nor any of its subsidiaries assumes any responsibility for the service offered by WS Retail Services Private Limited
    Standard Chartered Bank holds no warranty or makes no representation about the quality offered by WS Retail Services Private Limited. Any dispute or claim regarding the services must be resolved by the customers with Flipkart or WS Retail Services Private Limited, directly without any reference to Standard Chartered Bank. Standard Chartered Bank shall not entertain any such disputes even if, the customer approaches for resolution of the same
    The participation is voluntary and any purchase on Flipkart’s platform using Standard Chartered card shall be deemed as acceptance of the terms and conditions mentioned herein.
    In the event orders are cancelled, the corresponding value will be deducted from the paid amount while checking eligibility of discount
    Standard Chartered Bank holds the exclusive right at its sole discretion to refuse or deny the offer to any Cardholder. The cardholder shall become ineligible to participate in this Offer if his/her card is cancelled before the expiry of /during the Offer Period. Standard Chartered reserves the right to disqualify any Customer from the benefits of the campaign / offer, if any fraudulent activity is identified as being carried out by the customer for the purpose of availing the benefits under the campaign/offer or otherwise by use of the service
    Any taxes or liabilities or charges payable to the Government or any other authority or body, if any, shall be borne directly by Cardholder and/ or billed to the account of the Cardholder
    This Offer may be withdrawn or extended at any time at the sole discretion of Standard Chartered Bank & WS Retail Services Private Limited.
    Standard Chartered Bank is not making any commitment to make such similar offers beyond the Offer period *Delinquent and over-limit Standard Chartered Bank credit card members will not qualify for this Discount Offer as informed by the Bank to WS Retail Services Private Limited. *Returned transactions, disputed or unauthorized/fraudulent transactions will not be considered for the Discount Offer.
    All other terms and conditions of the Cardholder agreement shall continue to apply
    Standard Chartered Bank & WS Retail Services Private Limited reserves its absolute right at any time to add, alter, withdraw, modify or change or vary any or all the terms and conditions of the Offer at its sole discretion and the same shall be binding on the Cardholder at all times. Standard Chartered Bank & WS Retail Services Private Limited also reserves the right to discontinue the Offer without assigning any reasons or without any prior intimation whatsoever to the Customers. In case of any dispute, Standard Chartered Bank’s decision shall be binding on all Customers
    The Offer shall be subject to usual force majeure events and on occurrence of such event, the Offer may be withdrawn at the discretion of Standard Chartered Bank
    Any disputes shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in Mumbai only
    Nothing expressed or implied in the program shall in any way waive or amend any of the applicable terms and conditions on Flipkart.com. Any disputes arising out of and in connection with this program shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in Mumbai only
    Pictures of products shown in the communication sent to the customer either through mailers or advertised on Flipkart website, are for representative purpose only and may not bear a resemblance to the actual products sold by WS Retail Services Private Limited. Flipkart Internet Pvt. Ltd. shall under no circumstances be responsible towards the same
    Products offered under this program are subject to availability from the WS Retail Services Private Limited and in no circumstances Flipkart Internet Pvt.Ltd. shall be liable for non-availability of any of the products
    Under no circumstance will the offer/discount being offered under this program be settled in cash
    All government Levis like Sales Tax, TDS, any Local Tax, Octroi etc., shall be payable by the Cardholder as applicable at the time the respective Programs were offered
    Any disputes arising out of the Offer shall be subject to arbitration by a sole arbitrator appointed by both the Parties with mutual consultations for this purpose. The proceedings of the arbitration shall be conducted as per the provisions of Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996. The place of arbitration shall be at Mumbai and language of arbitration shall be English
    Customers are not bound in any way to participate in the discount program
    Any such participation is voluntary and the same is being made purely on a best effort basis
    Any query regarding the program will be entertained until 15th July, 2016. Post such date, Flipkart Internet Pvt. Ltd will not entertain any correspondence or communication regarding this Program from any persons
    All liability with respect to the quality of the products purchased lies with the WS Retail Services Private Limited. BANK shall be in no way responsible for the same
    WS Retail Services Private Limited shall not be liable for any failure by the Bank to honor the transaction and for any technical issues as a result of which the transaction made by the Cardholder was not successful. The Bank shall indemnify and hold the Cardholder harmless against any claims by the Cardholder for unsuccessful completion of the transaction. Further, the Bank shall solely be liable to the Cardholder for wrongful remittance of the amounts by it.
    The Cardholder shall indemnify and hold WS Retail Services Private Limited harmless against all damages, liabilities, costs, expenses, claims, suits and proceedings (including reasonable attorneyâ??s fee) that may be suffered by WS Retail Services Private Limited as a consequence of (i) violation of terms of user agreement, privacy policy (subject to change) as mentioned in the website www.flipka...om; (ii) violation of applicable laws; and (iii) any action or inaction resulting in willful misconduct or negligence on the customer.
    This discount offer is valid only in India. The minimum age of such Cardholder shall be 18 years.
    All the terms and conditions of the discount offer as given hereof and standard terms and conditions, user agreement, privacy policy (subject to change) of www.flipka...om and the terms and conditions of WS Retail Services Private Limited shall be applicable on the Cardholder.
    Further, as required by applicable law, in the event that the Cardholder makes a purchase of an amount equal to or above Rs. 2,00,000, the Cardholder will be required to upload a scanned copy of his/her PAN card on the website, within 4 days of making the purchase, failing which, the purchase made by the Cardholder will be cancelled. The requirement to submit the PAN card arises only once and if it has been submitted once by the Cardholder, it need not be submitted again. The order of the Cardholder will be cancelled if there is a discrepancy between the name of the Cardholder and the name on the PAN Card.

With complete Terms and conditions

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