Get 50% value back on Laptops within 14 months ...

Get 50% value back on Laptops within 14 months with buyback guarantee policy

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Get 50% value back with in 14 months on all products which showing with Buyback guarantee policy at 299rs only at there product page

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Asus Gaming laptops

All laptops low to high sorted


Expiring In 17 days

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Buyback Guarantee – Frequently Asked Questions
How does Buyback Guarantee work?

Buyback Guarantee is a paid offering that provides an assured buyback value for your laptop. This buyback value can be availed as a discount on your next laptop purchase from Flipkart.

At the time of purchase of your next laptop, simply opt for ‘Claim Buyback’ on the product page and the discount will get applied on the laptop you’re purchasing. Post order placement, the wishmaster will take back your old laptop and handover your new laptop.

This is best for shoppers who like to upgrade to the latest laptop every 1-3 years.

How do I buy the Buyback Guarantee?

Buyback Guarantee can be purchased on select laptops for a nominal fee. It assures a buyback value for your laptop which can be availed as a discount when you purchase your next laptop on Flipkart.

How do I redeem the Buyback Guarantee?

You will be able to redeem the Buyback Guarantee value for your laptop as a discount against the purchase of another laptop on Flipkart, sold by select sellers. The price of the new laptop must be higher than the Buyback Guarantee amount. You can avail this by clicking on ‘Claim Buyback’ on the app/website from the product page. Your old laptop should fulfil the checks performed during pickup. Please view the terms and conditions here (

Are there any conditions for this program?

A customer is assured a Buyback Guarantee value as long as he/she fulfils the conditions for the program. Buyback Guarantee value may not be awarded, or there may be deductions in the Buyback Guarantee amount if these conditions are not fulfilled. For instance, a buyback guarantee partner may choose not to accept your laptop if it is broken, has its screen damaged, has heavy body damage or is not in a functional working condition.

What checks will be performed by the wishmaster at the time of pickup?

Brand, Model and Processor of the old device should match with the original device purchased on Flipkart with the Buyback Guarantee policy
The serial number of the old device should match with the original device purchased on Flipkart with the Buyback Guarantee Policy
The laptop should switch on and should be in the ON mode for a minimum of 30 seconds without being connected to a charger
Laptop screen and the body of the laptop should not be damaged or broken and the original laptop should be in working condition. Products with the following issues will not be picked up:

Spots, lines or static on any part of the screen/display
Cracks on the screen, light emitting, watermark/liquid on the screen
Cracks on the panel, dents in the body and buttons missing
Damaged charging port.
Original charger has to be provided in good working condition; and
Password lock should not be active (all forms of laptop lock viz; password, fingerprint, face recognition, smart Lock, etc. need to be de-activated)
Can I buy the Buyback Guarantee post the purchase of the laptop?

As of now, Buyback guarantee can only be purchased together while purchasing a laptop on Flipkart.

Can I get cash or wallet credit when I redeem my Buyback Guarantee?

No, the discount can only be availed against the purchase of a new laptop.

Can I redeem the BuyBack Guarantee value as discount against any new laptop?

No, you can only redeem this at the time of your next purchase against a select set of sellers, and only on laptops which are priced higher than the BuyBack Guarantee value promised to you.

Do I have to compulsory return the laptop if I purchased the laptop on Buyback Guarantee?

You can do one of the following:

Keep your old laptop and not claim Buyback Guarantee
Return your old laptop and make the next purchase using Buyback Guarantee discount.
What happens when I cancel/return my laptop order?

If you choose to cancel/return your laptop, the price of the laptop and the Buyback Guarantee will be refunded to you, and the policy stands cancelled.

Do I need to return the charger along with my laptop?

Yes, you need to return the original charger along with the laptop to claim Buyback Guarantee value.

I bought a laptop today and got a replacement laptop after 10 days. Since when does my Buyback Guarantee policy go live?

The policy will be applicable from the day the replacement laptop is delivered to you.

If I buy my laptop from another website or retail store, can I become eligible for the Buyback Guarantee program?

No, the Buyback Guarantee program is only available for customers who purchase laptops through Flipkart, offered by select sellers.

How do I send my old laptop to Flipkart?

A Flipkart wishmaster will visit and pick up your old laptop while delivering your new laptop. The executive will inspect the laptop to ensure that it is the original device purchased from Flipkart and fulfils other obligations of the BuyBack Guarantee policy.

Are there any pick up charges for my old laptop?

Yes, nominal pick up charges are applicable.

My Buyback Guarantee policy becomes valid only starting June 1st, 2018. Can I redeem the Buyback Guarantee value before this date as well?

No, Buyback Guarantee value can be availed only during the specified redemption window. However, you can still avail the prevailing regular exchange price for your laptop if any such scheme is running for your laptop on Flipkart.

My Buyback Guarantee policy expired on Sep 1st, 2017. Can I reactivate it?

No, the policy lapses on the expiry date and may not be extended or reactivated. However, you can still avail the prevailing regular exchange price if any such us scheme is running for your laptop on Flipkart even after your policy has lapsed.

Is Buyback Guarantee available across all pin codes?

Yes, you can avail Buyback Guarantee from all pin-codes where Flipkart offers product exchange & pick-up facility . If you aren’t sure, You can Check coverage right here (

If I change shift from current address to another, can I still avail BuyBack Guarantee?

You can avail Buyback Guarantee as long as the new address falls within the pin-codes where Flipkart offers product exchange & pick-up facility- You can check coverage here(

Can I transfer my Buyback Guarantee policy to someone else?

No, this policy cannot be transferred from the original policyholder to someone else.

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TnC:- products should be kept in box as it was recieved. Any use will void the buyback
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TnC:- products should be kept in box as it was recieved. Any use will void the buyback
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