Get a free mogra plant ( Arabian jasmine)

Get a free mogra plant ( Arabian jasmine)

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The contest - My Favorite Plant
Description: Take a selfie with your favorite plant, & express your feeling in 2 lines on

Contest start on 15-April-2016 & wil be closed on 22-April-2016 10pm
Results will be declared on 22-April-2016 10pm

All participants will get a free mogra plant, provided they fulfill below criteria

Step 1 : Post your favorite plant selfie

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Create a new post
Add a title in format: my favorite plant is plant name, your name from -your city
e.g My favorite plant is lucky bamboo, Surabhi Das, Kolkata
or My favorite plant is mango tree, Ajay Rathore, Jaipur
Upload your selfie in the post description (suggested size 600 X 315)

Express your feeling in 2 lines , on
why u love plants
or whats special with this plant
or why this is your favorite plant
Select Category: My Favorite Plant

Submit post
Step 2: Share your post, Accumulate post views & win a Free Mogra Plant

Each time the post is opened, its counted as 1 view.

Your post will also be viewed, commented and liked by nurserylive community members also. Hence will add to organic accumulation.

Share your post with your family n friends on Facebook, Twitter, Other social media or via email

Check your post performance real time on your page on

Minimum Criteria

All participants will get a Free Mogra Plant whose post got at minimum

Minimum 100 views
Minimum 20 Likes on post
Minimum 15 Unique comments on post
Wish you all a very happy earth day.

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