Khakhra Snacks 10 Flavors

Khakhra Snacks 10 Flavors

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==> 10 Packets of 10 Different Flavoured Khakhara.

==>1. Peri Peri – It is a cultivar of capsicum frutescens that was originally produced in Mozambique and explored by Portuguese. Using this pepper in this flavour to make khakhara absolute delight.

==> 2. Mumbai Tawa Masala – Its a good preparation of spicy tawa masala compare to regular masala to make khakhara spicy.

==>3. Chocolate – Brown food preparation using roasted and ground cocoa seeds. Chocolate khakhara usually sweet in taste.

==>4. Maggy Masala – Maggy masala khakhara is very tasty and a perfect blend of all type of spices which gives various tastes simultaneously.

==>5. Chilly Garlic – Blended with Fresh Garlic and High Quality Chilly Powder.

==>6. Tangy Tomato – Using tomato masala with 100% baked (not Fried) and healthy substitute for oily snacks of this flavour.

==>7. Mangroli – Mangroli khakhara is our special preparation and known for its unconventional taste, with multiple spices its taste is spicy side.

==>8. Natural Methi – Fenugreek Flat Bread are thin, crispy and healthy snacks and popular in gujarati dry snacks.

==>9. Plain – plain khakhra is common gujarati and western rajashthani cuisine. its crunchy and healthy that can be consumed with spicy pickles and sweet chutney or tea and coffee.

==>10. Jeera – It is a baked dry chappati with high quality cumin seeds which is hygienically good for health.

==>Enjoy our various preparation @ single packet.

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