Lego Kanan's Speeder Bike, Multi Color

Lego Kanan's Speeder Bike, Multi Color

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Lego Kanan’s Speeder Bike, Multi Color

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Help kanan sneak past the stormtrooper on his speederbike and hook up the containers loaded with weapons. Can he make a quick escape before they spot him. It is up to you to decide. Includes 3 mini figures kanan jarrus, a storm trooper and an imperial combat driver. Features kanan’s speeder bike and 2 buildable, opening cargo containers. Cargo containers include blasters and thermal detonators. Link the containers, attach them to the speeder bike and make a quick escape. Weapons include kanan’s lightsaber, the stormtrooper’s blaster and the imperial combat driver’s blaster pistol. Accessory elements include an imperial combat driver helmet and stormtrooper helmet. As featured in the star wars rebels animated tv series.


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