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Mi Air Purifier 3 Launched with 23% Discount Only at Rs 9999

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Mi Air Purifier 3 Launched

The Mi Air Purifier 3 further comes with a circular OLED touchscreen display, which lets you check the PM2.5 levels in your room, present room temperature and humidity levels, as well as its network configuration right from the purifier itself. Users can also control the fan speed, with preset settings including sleep, auto, favourite, low, medium and high speeds. The OLED display also comes with LED light rings that work as air quality indicators. The light will flash green if the PM2.5 particle density is less than 75µg/m3, yellow if it is between 75 and 150µg/m3, and red if it goes above 150µg/m3.

Lastly, the Mi Air Purifier 3 can connect to your Wi-Fi network, and is compatible with the Mi Smart Home app. Through the app, users can monitor air quality, check temperature and humidity, set a timer schedule for when the air purifier should work, and also be alerted when it is time to change the air filters inside. The Mi Air Purifier 3 has been launched today and is priced at Rs 9,999 in India, which is a slight expensive than its predecessor.

What are the features of Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 3?
  1. OLED touch display lets you check PM2.5 levels, humidity, WiFi connection, switch between sleep, auto, favorite, low, medium and high level modes, brightness is automatically adjusted according to ambient light
  2. Air quality indicators with green, orange and red ring to denote PM2.5<75mg/μ3, 75<150mg/μ3 and >150mg/μ3, respectively
  3. Mi Home app lets you check the indoor and outdoor air quality, temperature, and humidity, adjust the fan strength
  4. Amazon Alexa and Google home lets you command the air purifier with just your voice no matter
  5. Extremely power efficient under night mode, extremely silent at only 32 decibels
  6. High precision laser sensor allows the air purifier to detect particles as small as 0.3μm and instantly report the particulate matter levels .
  7. 360-degree cylindrical triple-layer filter traps pollutants from all angles
  8. Triple-layer filter removes micron-sized particles, catch harmful bacteria and even effectively removes formaldehyde and other harmful substances, and also eliminates odors.
  9. Has a Clean Air Delivery Rate, or CADR, of 380 cubic meters per hour offering cleaning range from 279-484 square feet.
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