Nearbuy Travel Cashback Offer(both new and old ...

Nearbuy Travel Cashback Offer(both new and old user)

40% OFF 5000.0
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Travel Offers Cashbacks
NEW2000 will credit Rs. 2000 cashback on min. purchase of Rs. 5,000 (for new users only)
10THOUSAND will credit 15% of the transaction value upto Rs 10,000
Detailed Terms & Conditions
25PERCENT, 15PERCENT & BBQ10 expires Thursday, 17th Nov 11:59 PM
NEW2000 can only be applied by first time users, on their first transactions
25PERCENT & 15PERCENT valid on all local offers( 3 transactions only). Not valid on Barbeque Nation. Not Valid on Hotels & Getaways
BBQ10 valid on all Barbeque Nation offers only( 2 transactions only).
NEW2000, 10THOUSAND valid on all travel offers only.
All codes unless otherwise mentioned are valid on both nearbuy app and web purchases
Each code can be applied once each time
Cashback will be awarded as credits to customer within 48 hours of check-in in case of travel offers. For local offers, cashback awarded within 48 hours of redemption of voucher.
In case customer has purchased multiple vouchers in one order, cashback will be awarded as and when each voucher is redeemed
The amount of cashback awarded on redemption of each voucher will be calculated based on the relative price of that voucher
E.g. I bought 2 vouchers, one of Rs. 1000 and another of Rs. 2000 and was eligible for Rs.200 cashback. I then redeemed the Rs.1000 voucher but did not redeem Rs. 2000 voucher. I will receive cashback of 200X(1000/3000) = Rs. 66.67 as credits within 48 hours of check-in
Customer cannot apply both promo and cashback on the same order
In case customer cancels his/her order, no cashback can be claimed
In case customer partially cancels his/her order (i.e. if one cancels few of the vouchers in a multi-voucher order), cashback will be awarded to him/her only for the vouchers which he/she redeems and not for the cancelled vouchers. This offer cannot be combined with any other offer and will not be valid on certain exclusive features