Necessary Android Apps at Just Rs.10

Necessary Android Apps at Just Rs.10

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Necessary Android Apps at Just Rs.10
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Necessary Android Apps at Just Rs.10

WiFi Pro FTP Server – Convert your android phone/tablet into a FTP Server! Use this cool app to host your own FTP Server on your phone/tablet. Use the FTP Server to transfer files, photos, movies, songs etc…to/from your android device using a FTP client like FileZilla.

Ftp Server Pro – Read/write any folder, including sdcard, in your android device with this ftp server. You can backup your photos to your PC, copy music and movies to you device, etc.

PowerLine PRO Unlock – Ulocks PowerLine PRO features – ability to use more than two indicators. Smart status bar indicators: Battery, CPU, Memory, Signal, Phone use, Bedtime…

Business Calendar Pro – This is the Pro Version of Business Calendar: an all-round, complete calendar app for highest standards, customizable and with perfect Google sync.

Textile Calculations – This application can be used for the following calculations

#. Calculate different spinning machines production and machine related calculation
#. GSM, Warp and Weft Calculations
#. Fiber Quality Index Calculations
#. Twist calculation and different conversions
#. Convert tenacity values
#. Count Conversion
#. Air calculations
#. Length, Mass and Temperature converter
#. Weaving Calculations
#.Textile Information
#.Spin plan
#.Relative Humidity

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