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NH7 Weekender Early Bird Sales

Hey! It seems you are on a very old deal.
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Bacardi NH7 Weekender is back for its seventh year, and its even more special!
Catch the happiest music festival in the abode of clouds, Shillong (Oct 21-22), in historic Hyderabad (Nov 5-6) where the festival takes place for the first time ever, and in Pune (Dec 2-4) where it all started.
Watch out for amazing new artists, iconic favourites, specials and finds at the food and flea bazaar, art and installations, and take home a lifetime of memories!
One of the most anticipated music festivals in India, Bacardi NH7 Weekender is all about the music, the vibe and a true music festival experience."
Location Bacardi NH7 Weekender Festival Dates
Shillong 21-22 October 2016 (3 PM)
Hyderabad 05-06 November 2016 (3 PM)
Pune 02-04 December 2016 (3 PM)
How does it work?

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Pre-Sale Dates: 20 July 2016 to 27 July 2016.

It’s Awesome Because

Loads of artists: As always, we promise you a kickass line-up with the coolest artists.
Happiest music festival: With music, dancing, buckets and shiny people, the happiest music festival is ready for you.
A weekend plan: No need to apply for leaves (except maybe one). Enjoy the festival guilt free.
Is there anything else we need to know?

This offer is valid is depends on number of tickets available.
Wristbands for the designated dates will be issued at the box office during the festival. These allow you to access all the stages. Please keep your wristband on for all days through sleep, showers and what may come. In case wristbands are taken off or misplaced, a replacement wristband will not be issued.
No refund on a purchased ticket and F&B coupons is possible, even in case of any rescheduling.
Children up to ten years of age can walk into the festival for free.
If you are under the age of 16, you need to be accompanied by an adult guardian at all times.
Rights of admission reserved, even to valid ticket holders.
Do not buy tickets from anyone except us or one of our authorised ticket outlets. We only issue wristbands at the box office and they are put on you by our staff. If anyone offers to sell you a wristband outside of the festival gates, you can be certain it is counterfeit.
Please remember to carry a valid government issued photo ID proof (Driver’s license/ Aadhar/ Passport). You may not be permitted to enter in the absence of one.
No alcohol will be served to patrons under legal drinking age (LDA). Alcohol will only be served on display of a valid Government Issued ID proof. If you intend on drinking, we recommend you use public transport or assign a designated driver to drive you to and from the festival grounds. If you are underage, please don’t drink or we will be forced to ask you to leave the festival. Be cool, guys.
Artist lineup and schedule are subject to change.
This ticket permits entry to the festival grounds only. Any pre or after parties may have other ticketing requirements and may be sold separately.
Security procedures, including frisking, remain the right of the management.
Handheld personal communication devices will be permitted unless otherwise advised. As a condition of entry to the venue, you agree that the creation, storage or use of any data or any such recordings for any form of public advertisement, display, commercial gain or for any other purpose (except for your own enjoyment) is not permitted without prior written permission from OML Entertainment Pvt Ltd.
No tickets for the event shall be used by any person for re-sale, advertising, promotional or commercial purposes, including but not limited to prizes, competition, contests or sweepstakes without obtaining written consent of OML Entertainment Pvt Ltd.
Please do not carry dangerous or potentially hazardous objects including but not limited to weapons, knives, guns, fireworks, lazer devices and bottles to the venue. We may have to eject these things, (with or without you) from the venue.
The sponsors/bands/organisers/management are not responsible for, including but not limited to, any injury or damage that may occur during or at the festival. Any claims that may arise due to gross negligence would be settled exclusively in the courts in Mumbai.
This festival uses amplified sound, as we are, you know, a kickass music festival. Earplugs and hearing protection at live concerts to reduce the risk of hearing damage is recommended, especially for children.
Strobe lighting at this event may trigger epileptic fits. Those with a history of epilepsy or any health condition that would be of concern must take adequate precautions.20. Consumption and possession of narcotics is strictly prohibited and those found possessing or consuming narcotics at the event will be immediately handed over to anti-narcotics police
Carrying of liquids, alcohol, cigarettes and banned substances including outside food and beverages to the festival will not be permitted.
No liability or claims that may arise due to the consumption or intake of any food or drink or any other consumption will be entertained by the management.
Parking near or at the festival premises is at the risk of the vehicle owner.
You shall not use or display within the venue any sponsorship, promotional or marketing materials unless authorized by written confirmation from OML Entertainment Pvt Ltd.
The holder of this ticket grants organisers the right to use, in perpetuity, all or any part of the recording of any video or still footage made of the holder’s appearance on any channel or magazine for broadcast in any and all media globally and for advertising, publicity and promotions relating hereto without any further approval of yours.
Areas at the festival are built to capacity. Management reserves the right to hold entry to certain areas within the festival to ensure a safe festival experience.
The management reserves the exclusive right without refund or other recourse, to refuse admission to anyone who is found to be in breach of these terms and conditions including, if necessary, ejecting the holder/s of the ticket from the venue after they have entered the ground.
The product & services offered by Cleartrip Private Limited are governed by the terms of use prescribed by Cleartrip on its site www.cleartr...om and can often be amended without any prior notice.
Cleartrip reserves the right to change or withdraw the offer, anytime at the sole discretion of the Management.
The terms & conditions of this offer are subject to change without any prior notice.
Disputes are subject to Mumbai jurisdiction.
We encourage you to be cool and have a great time at the happiest music festival.