Niki brings referal for Micro finance Redcarpet...

Niki brings referal for Micro finance Redcarpet & get 1000

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Niki Redcarpet referal

Refer 10 people to Redcarpet & get 1000 gift vouchers

We need money to get out of the economic crisis in life. In such a situation you can use a red carpet credit card. By using Ruby (Red) card and Zeta (Green) card under Red Carpet Credit Card, you can not only make an emergency purchase but can also take a personal loan to fulfill your other financial needs.<p></p>
<p>Apart from this, you can earn up to ₹ 500 with a red carpet credit card. You only need to<br>

Scheme Conditions

After filling the form, a referral link will be given through SMS. Use of this referral link will be considered valid.
Every referral customer is required to complete RedCorp KYC.
If the RedCorp KYC is not completed, the referral will not be considered valid.
Referrals must be for 10 different individual customers.
10 Payment will be made only after internal investigation and verification related to fraud or misuse after completion of referral.
Any user found to be involved in any type of fraudulent activity

Expiring In 7 days
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Jarurat pe Apne to kaam aate nahi phr ye to Niki ka dost hai😂😂😂😂