OnePlus Blind Test Win a OnePlus

OnePlus Blind Test Win a OnePlus

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OnePlus Blind Test Win a OnePlus
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Blind Test

With the OnePlus 6, we’ll let the images do the talking.

The best in the world – the OnePlus 6, iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy S9 and Google Pixel 2 will be put to the test.

Vote for the best photo to get a chance to draw.

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Blind Test Rules

1. The Blind Test is divided into four categories. Participants can vote for the best images and take part in a lucky draw.
2. Each user will be given at the most 5 chances to participate in the lucky draw. 1 chance each can be earned by voting while 1 chance is given by default.
3. Users can use their available lucky draw chances at any given point of time between 11th May and 14th May, 2018.
4. All lucky draw vouchers are valid until 30th June. Post this date, all vouchers will expire.
5. The lucky draw entitles participants to vouchers (automatically allotted by the system) to be redeemed at