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TERMS AND CONDITIONS – Netmeds Refer & Earn Programme

The following Terms and conditions of the Netmeds Refer & Earn Programme (“the Programme”) constitute the agreement between Netmeds.com and the Netmeds account holder in the context of the Programme.

  1. As part of the programme, to refer your friends, you, the referrer, must be a registered customer on Netmeds.com.Only those referrals submitted via the referral form in the MY Account section of Netmeds.com will qualify for earning Referral amount.
  2. To Refer Your Friends, you must log in to your account and submit your friends’ name and email ID and click the ‘REFER NOW’ button. Once you click the button, a Referral code for Flat 20% off Medicines on their ‘First Purchase’ will be emailed to them on your behalf.
  3. When your friends place their first order using the referral code, they will receive Flat 20% OFF on order of Medicines worth Rs. 500 or more. Note: Flat 20% OFF Referral codes do not expire. This Referral code discount can be combined with any other offers, discounts or credits unless otherwise stated.
  • -    Please Note: Some of the selected medicines are NOT eligible for a 20% coupon discount, and it is indicated on the respective product pages as “Only 10% discount applies to this medicine.”
  • After your friend’s first order is delivered, we will credit your e-wallet with Rs. 250.
  • You cannot refer any of our existing Netmeds.com customers.
  • A maximum of 25 Referral rewards are only allowed per registered customer, whether referrals have been made partly via website and app, or either via Netmeds.com only or Netmeds App only. However, there is no limit to the number of friends you can refer.
  • Please note that the referral of a 26th or greater person(s) by you shall not incur any reward from Netmeds to you in any respect; however, thereafter you can always refer Netmeds.com to your friend(s), but NOT as part of this Programme.
  • The Rs. 250 referral amount is valid on ANY products on Netmeds.com.
  • The Rs. 250 Referral amount is valid for 30 days from the date of issue, while the flat 20% off Referral code that will be sent to your friend(s) does not expire.
  • Please note that expired or unused referral amount cannot be re-issued.
  • To redeem your Referral amount, log in to your account on Netmeds.com or the Netmeds App, add product(s) to cart and at checkout you must select e-wallet input box provided at the Payment and Review page.
  • You must make referrals ONLY via Netmeds.com account or Netmeds app and not by any other means (such as through phone/email/WhatsApp) and discount cannot be given for such referrals.
  • The Referral discount excludes delivery charges
  • Only ONE Referral amount can be redeemed per transaction.
  • If an order placed using the Referral amount exceeds the actual value of the amount, then the balance amount should be paid by selecting the desired payment method at checkout.
  • If the total value of an order placed using the Referral amount is less than the value of the code, then any unused portion of the code will be forfeited. No change or credit will be given.
  • The Referral discount is on top of existing promotional discounts, as applicable, on Netmeds.com.
  • You cannot re-refer the same person you have referred before.
  • You cannot refer yourself. In other words, the Referrer and the Referred Customer cannot be the same person.
  • You must make sure to enter the correct and active email address of your referred friend.
  • Netmeds.com assumes no responsibility for any delayed, lost or undelivered email invitation sent to your referred friend(s) on your behalf.
  • As part of the Programme, any information collected from you or your referred friends will be used only in accordance with Netmeds privacy policy.
  • Your friends’ email addresses as well as yours will be NOT be shared with any third party.
  • The Referral amount is for one-time use only.
  • The Referral amount cannot be re-issued back in the event the order placed using the code has been cancelled, returned or refunded.
  • The Referral amount cannot be replaced if stolen or lost.
  • The Referral amount is non-transferable and cannot be redeemable for cash or credit.
  • The Referral amount can be used in conjunction with any other offers, discounts or credits unless otherwise stated.
  • Only one Referral can be earned for each (qualifying) Referred Customer. That is, Referral amount cannot be given for additional/repeat purchases made by a Referred Customer.
  • The Referral discount cannot be applied to previous purchases.
  • Netmeds.com reserves the right, in its absolute discretion, to disqualify you or your referral(s) from our Refer & Earn programme if you or your referral(s) have been found to engage in fraudulent or other activities that violate the terms of this programme.
  • Netmeds.com has the right to reject or void the Referral discount, in its sole discretion, in the event if the Referrer has opened multiple accounts, including with different email addresses, in order to generate additional referral credits.
  • Netmeds.com reserves the right to withdraw or amend the Refer & Earn programme at any time without prior notice.
  • The Netmeds Refer & Earn terms and conditions should be read in conjunction with the General Netmeds Terms and Conditions, which can be viewed at http://www.netmeds.com/terms-and-conditions. In the event of a conflict between both of these terms and conditions, the General Netmeds terms and conditions shall take precedence.
  • By entering into the Programme, both you and your referral(s) shall be deemed to have accepted and agreed to be bound by the terms and conditions of this Programme. You, the referrer, permit Netmeds.com to email your friend(s), referencing your name as the referrer.
  • These terms and conditions will be governed by and construed in all respects in accordance with the laws of India subject to the jurisdictional courts of Chennai.

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We’ll get nms super cash?? Or fully usable cash?

334533 ask believe receive
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We’ll get nms super cash?? Or fully usable cash?

It’s full usable credit

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Any one interested can p.m me for referral