SNT Xtreme Gainer - 1Kg

SNT Xtreme Gainer - 1Kg

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SNT Xtreme Gainer - 1Kg
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SNT Xtreme Gainer – 1Kg

Key Features :
High quality muscle building supplement
For weight lifters, body builders and sports persons
Helps enhance anabolic mechanisms
Extremely effective weight gain formula

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SNT Xtreme Gainer – 1Kg
SNT Xtreme Gainer is a weight gain formula suitable for consumption by athletes, sportspersons, weight-lifters, body builders and anyone else looking forward to build and maintain a lean and muscular body. Recommended servings of this supplement are 2-3 scoops in water or milk. SNT Xtreme Gainer can be had 1-3 times a day depending upon your protein requirement. Since this unique formula comes in a delicious chocolate flavor, you will not face a problem with your palate thus making frequent and regular consumption easy.