Take control of your investments with MojoProfe...

Take control of your investments with MojoProfessional TM

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Take control of your investments with MojoProfessional TM
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Mojo Professional Service is now ready to launch TWO Path Breaking Investor Services to help you manage your portfolios.
Portfolio Optimiser
Simply upload your existing portfolio with the click of a button from your broker/bank/advisor..
What will Portfolio Optimiser do?
Based on your risk profile, our Portfolio Optimizer combines the power of our stock analysis process with the Best Portfolio Management Tool to help you within minutes to Improve Potential RISK/ RETURNS by:
Right sizing the portfolio
Rebalancing portfolio across market cap segments
Properly allocating the portfolio across sectors
Weeding out stocks which could hurt portfolio returns
Suggesting Switch ideas with higher potential returns
Our responsibility- To keep helping you manage your portfolio after that as per changing scenarios and monitoring your stocks on a regular basis.
Model Portfolios

Choice of 4 model portfolios where you can invest your fresh money in, all you need to decide is how much money you want to invest
Each portfolio will be actively managed by us and you would get unbiased recommendations to accordingly align your portfolio with your broker,
Portfolio Reports and assessments on a periodic basis
Unbiased, fearless and honest advice, we don’t earn any commissions on this advice
Existing Professional Features

The Mojo Dots – These Dots help you quickly verify your stock pick and tips.
The Mojo Dashboard – The Dashboard also shows if there are better stocks to consider.
Mojo Stock Lists – These lists help to build portfolios for Investors who like to actively manage their portfolio in a Disciplined way.
Screeners – Find great investment themes in the Mojo Screener.
Investment ideas – Great ideas land directly in your mailbox.
Mojo Alerts – We watch over your portfolio when you are sleeping. 24×7.
And LOCK IN my price of all upcoming features at Rs 900 per month

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Are you using this service/site?

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xuseronline wrote:

Are you using this service/site?

Yes, i am using free service, that is also pretty good.

if anyone wants to share the expenses we can create separate portfolios within the same user id.