Hey! It seems you are on a very old deal.
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Hey! It seems you are on a very old deal.
Check out these similar deals in Personal care & Cosmetics
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Tiens is a new company for healthcare products and medicines.It has a pure ayurvedic products.
Tiens Protein is a complete protein solution for the entire family. Provides high sense of wellness to our body by supplying the nine main amino acids necessary for the growth and maintenance of our body. It is a very healthy food supplement with zero fat content and added benefits of naturally occurring calcium, iron phosphorus, vitamins and folic acids.

Contains high quality of protein for body’s growth & energy. 
Each 15g of protein powder provides 5g of high quality proteins. 
Supplies all nine essential amino acids to the body. 
Zero fat content. 
Available in chocolate flavor with added sugar. Can be easily mixed in water, milk, juice or any other liquid food for consumption. 
Easily absorbable. 
Repairs tissues and prevents tissue breakdown. 
Provides a high content of protein in a small dose. 
Protein hydrolysates provide a rich source of protein which is useful in conditions where excess protein is needed, such as during repair of tissue damage. Enhances formation of hemoglobin. 
Reduces risk of diseases and infection. 
Recommended for all age group people and even for pregnant ladies. 
Maintains the hormonal balance of our body. 
Regulates of body fluid maintenance. 
1. The recommended dose of protein powder per day 
a) As Nutritional Supplement: 15 gm morning & 15 gm at night. 
b) For muscle mass: 30 gm after exercise. 
The results are best when taken with a glass of milk. 
2. Maximum limit: 90 gm per day. 
Better results if combined with Tiens Multivitamin tablets. 

People suffering from any medical conditions are recommended to consult 
their doctor before using the product. 
500g powder / container 
Recommended Intake
A nutritive supplement recommended for all:
1. Growing children.
2. Pregnant & lactating women.
3. Underweight & malnourished patients.
4. Elderly.
5. Post-operative & during convalescence. 
*Not Suitable for infants.
MRP: 1874/-
Selling price 1650/-
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