Dont buy anything from flipkart

Dont buy anything from flipkart


Mom didnt like it she asked to return product i guaranteed her flipkart will accept but now…..

When i got it i was excited as it was a gift for my mom on her birthday i asked delivery person can i open it he said yes then i asked him can i use it he said yes believing him to be a flipkart delivery agent i opened and used it but in firstuse it consumed 7 buckets of water for washing 7 clothes and for washing 7 clothes it took almost 3 got me hurt severely it shakes more than a torando not inside but from outside…tell me how can i waste a bucket per cloth better go with any other product especially front load but never buy anything from this seller he is not trustworthy dont buy a single product from him he cheated me..This machine will not last for even a month after seeing this i placed a return request it got rejected then i called customer care they said i have void the policy by opening the product and using it tell me whose mistake it is mine or delivery persons or flipkarts absolutely flipkarts..they write in small letters not to use without installation but they never do installation on time if they say u within 2 days installation will be done it will definetly take more than 20 days and how can one order a product before 20 days to use it….if u say i have used it they say policy is voided what the hell!!!!!dont trust flipkart anytime they just show easy returns but they will never accept ur return they write in small letters 10 days replacement policy but will never let us know that return is not accepted be like paytm flipkart minimum the say returns are not allowed not like u u just cheat customers u just cheated me until they get product delivered and they get the cash and if u ask even for replacement they will not allow u because they dont think about customers they just want to sell their products they dont even care how hard that person has worked to earn that money.. i dont know how can u digest such money seller and flipkart…I didnt expect such response from u flipkart u just cheat customers u play with customers heart this was a gift to my mother she did not like it and ur too not accepting return she is feeling sad y did i waste 11k on this rather adding more 4 or 5k to buy a good washing machine when ever she said return it i said this is flipkart it will accept return this is an indian company dont fear my mother believed me and i believed flipkart but all of us lost hope on each other because of this return plz accept my return i beg u dont play with customers heart i dont want ti lose hope in view of my mom…i can understand one thing for sure that electronic items must be bought from shops not online these guys will never give good service they want just money not customer u delay delivery u dont inform us and u dont guide ur delivery person and we face its not right flipkart plz help whoever is reading this review plz dont buy anything online they will just use u they will not understand ur problem but still u want to buy buy from amazon not from flipkart especially not from this seller be aware….i lost hope on u flipkart i was a positive referrer of u to other persons but now i will be negative on u and only u u ate my 11k u ate my heart u digested everything u disappointed my mother i hate u flipkart
I wanted to return a product they didnt accept they even deleted my review

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Bhai, hua kya? Paani jyada pee rahi hai? … Jyada kapde dho lo… biggrin
Trans: Bro, what is the problem? … If its using more water then wash more clothes in one go… biggrin … Simple…

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No e-com site say amazon/flipkart accepts return of home appliances , they offer exchange if the product is found faulty by service engineer .. you will get same product back .

You are at fault here for not researching about the brand / product .

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which machine you bought what name model number

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I think the issues of your washing machine can be fixed. Try with local repair guy. Vibrations n more water issues can be fixed – I guess that way would bring some peace to both of you.

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Can you please let me know which machine you got?.

You can contact the brand and ask them to send their technician to fix the vibration and excessive water consumption issues. Vibrations can be fixed by changing the bushes and doing some anti-vibration padding. Excessive water consumption usually happens if there is some leakage in the outlet valve. As far as time taken for washing is concerned if the washing machine is side loading one, it will consume more water & time compared to top loading ones. But the clothes will be more cleaner & drier compared to top loading ones.

Always research before buying and the big appliances are better purchased offline through your neighbourhood stores. No portal will accept returns for big appliances because you are not happy with the product. Because it will cost the platform/seller thousands to deliver the product and take it back.

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Ok tell me among OFFLINE any shopkeeper, showroom, dealer will refund you for such ?

Why shall ecommerce giant bear the Burden when they explicitly stated whats COvered !