is pepperfry reliable

is pepperfry reliable

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I have ordered a hand blender from pepperfry on 20th aug and today i recevied the order. but the blender is defective and not working properly..:oops: this is first time i have purchased from this site. Is this site reliable or not. the product come with 1 yr guarantee. what should i do know…:-?

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call pepperfry ask them to arrange a reverse pick up
they wil refund u the money

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dhawal wrote:

call pepperfry ask them to arrange a reverse pick up
they wil refund u the money

refund you money??

money gone to pepperfry account is gone forever, till you have stamina and good communication to fight back with jokers sitting in their customer support, I wonder how all this customer support is so dumb or they are being trained that way just to keep giving dumb replies, unless you are able to communicate well and get harsh with them they wont feel the pain, thick shameless skin kinds they are. Not just pepperfry but all.

To orignal poster, pepperfry does not refund money but it can credit your account with pepper points, of amount you paid and can also reactivate the coupon you used for the purchase, make sure if they do not reverse pick up the item you ask them addditional points (not limited to 100 points but try barganing more).

Since time pepperfry has stopped refunds I stopped making any purchases above 1000 from them, within 1000 I can afford to loose(though I dont mean of loosing it actually) but it is like I can afford to risk and everyone has their own pocket.

good luck

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@ first of all raise a ticket.
Send email reminder
And call if you not get response.
Reverse pick up or self courier is required and submitting the shipping declaration
Is required.
They can issue coupon for the order value + compensation .
You can use it single order without discounts.
Make pressure on them and ask for compensation of at least 1k.
Which normally they can give.
You have to make their life miserable otherwise they will make you miserable.

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Learnt about Pepperfry’s change in returns policy today – that they no longer give a refund. Instead you get store credits. But can you use this store credits with their discount coupons in future? And do they re-issue the discount coupon themselves? Anybody knows?

This constant change of policies by these merchants is very irksome. Now Pepperfry’s return policy is just not favorable anymore.