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Hello , i was thinking of buying a ADIDAS shoe, so decided to give a try, as i have read all the good reviews about them , that they deliver original products, and they dispatch your order within 24 hours.

SO i ordered a “Adidas Men’s Adi Ultra Low White Navy Shoe” from them on 8th FEB 2012
As expected i got the dispatch details on 8th Feb itself, quite impressive huh.

I waited till 12th, but no delivery. As it was shipped through their own logistic “Myntra Logistics Delhi”, there was no possibility of tracking the shipment.

So i called their CC , they told me that they are having some Technical problem with their Delhi Logistics Team, so he will send a priority mail to them regarding my order.

Now on 14th FEB , i again called them and inquired about my order, Now same excuse that their is some technical problem going with their Delhi Logistics Team, SO all the orders to DELHI are getting delayed. Another false assurance of sending an priority mail and another assurance of an call back within 48 hours.

Now on 16th i again called them, again the same thing, another lame excuse of the technical problem, another assurance of priority email , another promise of callback within 48 hours.

I am shopping from last so much time, so i know that there might be actually problem going with their Logistic Service.

But today things went out of control. I got an email that “Please Share the feedback for the item which was delivered to you on 14th Feb”

I logged in to see my Order is showing in Completed Orders List instead of the Pending Orders list and its showing that it has been delivered.

I called the CC, again the same thing, another lame excuse of the technical problem, another assurance of priority email , another promise of callback within 48 hours.


Order Number 2280951
Order Status DELIVERED via Myntra Logistics Delhi.
8th February, 2012
Total Amount Rs. 900.00

I wasted approx 140rs in calling them in last 10 days. Their CC is not quite responsive and dont have a satisfactory reply with them, Looks like some robots who keep repeating the song of callback and priority email.

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Exactly… I faced the same problem recently. The Product was expected to be delivered on 7th July. It was received at Pallavaram warehouse at 1:30 PM, 6th July, which was just 4 kms away from my house. But they took near to 4 days to deliver it at my house. I spent near to 300 rupees to save 200 rupees online shopping. Worst and pathetic customer service. Never faced such idiotic customer care service in my life time.

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Strange !!! I have ordered with them like 20-30 times but never faced any problem . Even when i did not like the product they reverse pickup next day itself without asking any question !! Their Logistics takes around 3-4 days to deliver (Not like the goJavas of Jabong which takes <24hrs !!) but never have i faced logistics or quality issue , so kinda strange they are behaving this way !!

Unprofessional behavior by them !!

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I am placing lots of orders every time, this time i thought of trying Myntra as I heard it is trusted. So I ordered some 4 products, 3 of them were with one same order number and the other one with separate order number. They said that expected delivery date is 26-Jun-2016. I called the CC on 27-Jun. HE said that we are registering a complaint regarding the logistics, and the product will be delivered within 2 working day, but today 28-Jun I got a message saying that the delivery has been failed. Seriously got angry on Myntra. This is not what we expect from them. Still the status is showing failed. Without calling to the customer how can they update such status.:evil: