Need to purchase Galaxy S3 - Discount coupon is...

Need to purchase Galaxy S3 - Discount coupon is required!

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Hey Guys!

I am new on this portal. Got through, google.
And, i really liked it. In fact, loved it. Well, coming to the point. As i have posted it in a sub-topic already. I thought of starting a whole new topic, altogether.
Just yesterday, i was trying to place an Ebay order for S3. I had a 10 percent off coupon from my mail inbox. Though, when i tried using it. It showed an error? I contacted the Ebay support, they said. The coupon is expired? I was like, Wtf? I just received the coupon four days back on 26th of June, 2012?
The rep couldn’t help me much.
Now, back to the square one. I would want to purchase the phone as soon as possible, cause i need to gift it to my sister. I am getting for 37.5k in the market? Which i a bit on the higher side. Hence, i turn up to you guys. If any one of you can help me, purchase a S3 for near/about 34-36k. I will be thankful for that. Any shopping site’s coupon. Except timtara. Heard a lot of negative reviews of that site.

Feel free to PM me. And, thanks in advance!

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